8 Easy Ways To Mine Ethereum Classic in 2023

It’s not 100% until it happens, but Ethereum Merge is likely to be complete in September.

As you can see from that article, if the Merge happens, there are tough times ahead for GPU miners.

Or not.

Miners play a strong role in any PoW(proof of work) blockchain, and since Ethereum is a PoW blockchain until the Merge is completed, this means that miners will play a strong role in their own destiny.

There are many possibilities on how all this will play out, but as the Merge is approaching, we start to get some clues on how things may go.

One such clue was given by Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum.

Two weeks ago, he recommended that miners switch to Ethereum Classic, the original unforked Ethereum chain.

And now when I think about it, it might be the most logical way for miners to go forward.

The price action of ETC increased heavily over the past weeks, and more and more miners are considering it.

This website is all about easy ways to mine cryptocurrency, so here it is- I present to you the easiest ways to mine Ethereum Classic in 2023:

How to mine Ethereum Classic with BetterHash

I prefer GUI mining software, and ETC mining isn’t an exception.

It can’t be easier than this:

  1. Install and set up BetterHash as shown in a video tutorial here.
  2. Configure BetterHash to pay you in ETC as described here.

So in just two steps, you will mine what’s most profitable at any moment for your own hardware, and you will get paid in Ethereum Classic.

But if you want more options, here are more easy ways to mine ETC:


MyMiner is dead simple to use, and while it lacks any advanced options, exactly that probably makes it an easy solution for beginners.

Check my guide here, disable ETH mining, enable ETC mining, add your ETC wallet and you’ll be mining Ethereum Classic in no time.

Mining ETC with Unmineable

If you haven’t heard about Unmineable before, I suggest you check my ultimate guide.

With Unmineable, there are four mining apps that you can use to mine Ethereum Classic easily:

All you need to do is install any of those 4 on your PC(installation instructions are in the links above).

Once done, simply use the instructions given here: How to mine Ethereum Classic with Unmineable.


miniZ is a robust console miner that also comes with a web-powered graphical console.

It supports quite a few coins and algorithms, and Ethereum Classic is one of them.

Mining ETC with miniZ is easy:

I could write a list of instructions for the most popular mining pools, but the guys from miniZ already did a great job.

They already have instructions for WoolyPooly, Nanopool, F2Pool, MiningPoolHub, Minerall, Ethermine, HiveonPool, 2Miners, and SoloPool, so you should be well covered.

If you have any struggles with instructions from your pool, you can also leave a comment below or send me a message from the contact page, and I’ll do my best to help you.


Another great mining app that we can use for ETC is Nanominer.

It works on both Windows and Linux and is relatively easy to set up.

Similarly to the apps from above, you need just a few steps:

Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner

Claymore is a well-known developer of cryptocurrency mining software.

His Dual miner works really well and allows you to mine ETC plus some other compatible coin.

The setup is fairly straightforward and similar to those above.

Just follow my installation instructions, and towards the bottom of that tutorial, you will also find the ETC+Shield mining example.


Another console miner with plenty of coins supported and Ethereum Classic included.

SRBMiner comes with a bunch of predefined .bat files, so you just need to follow my instructions on how to download and install, and then just use the already available start-mining-ethereum-classic.bat file(don’t forget to use your own wallet and pool addresses).


BzMiner is among those easy to easy-to-use console miners that already come packed with a predefined file for ETC mining.

Follow my instructions to quickly download and install BzMiner, then edit the etc.bat file to enter your own pool and wallet details.

That’s all. Start the etc.bat file and you’ll instantly start mining Ethereum Classic.

Closing thoughts on ETC mining software

While Ethereum mining is still more profitable than Ethereum Classic mining, this is about to change in September, once Ethereum moves to the proof-of-stake model.

Ethereum Classic is the original chain, that unlike Ethereum refused to fork in 2016 when almost 4 million ETH got stolen.

It supports smart contracts and everything else that Ethereum had in 2016.

Due to this, it is expected that many miners will tend to it after the Merge, although no one can say with certainty until it happens.

But as things around the Merge are getting more serious, and around the time Vitalik recommended to miners to move to Ethereum Classic, we see a strong price action that started developing in July:

As you can see in the chart above, the ETC price jumped from $14.1 to $42 in less than a month, and it seems relatively stable on this level.

As more and more miners consider it a viable replacement for Ethereum PoW, we may see even stronger price action in September.

The Ethereum mining community is very strong and populated, and one of the pillars of Ethereum’s strength and success.

If we see a strong influx of GPU miners into ETC blockchain in September, it makes sense to expect a rally in Ethereum Classic price, as lots of miners will foster the ETC adoption and naturally make the Ethereum Classic blockchain stronger and more resilient.

What are your thoughts on ETC mining and the Merge?

Do you think that some other coin deserves more attention from miners once the Merge is finally completed?

Please leave a comment below or get in touch via the contact page.