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Nicehash is one of the oldest and most popular mining solutions among senior miners.

Unfortunately, they got hacked in the December of 2017, so I wasn’t willing to list them on my website, and even wrote an article on Nicehash alternatives.

However, the Nicehash management didn’t hide behind the truth- instead of closing their company and killing their miners, they’ve decided to slowly repay their miners, and even though it took them 2-3 years, they have done it successfully.

So, as my website goal is to provide you with easy access to the best mining software for 2022, I’ve decided to list the Nicehash software on my website.

Let’s see some of the notable Nicehash features:

  • very easy to install and use
  • the ability to set up mining devices on your PC as you please
  • benchmarking for the most profitable software according to your devices
  • the ability to auto-start mining once your PC turns on
  • automatic warnings in case of driver problems or slow internet connection
  • the ability to hide or show the console miners
  • benchmarking and installation of various console miners
  • automatic payment in Bitcoin

Unfortunately, the GUI version of Nicehash mining software is available for Windows only.

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James says:

This must have been the most popular mining software on the planet.

They had a hack in 2017, but went through it and repaid their miners.

I use Nicehash regularly.