IceRiver KS3M Review

The IceRiver KS3M is an advanced ASIC miner designed specifically for mining Kaspa (KAS), a cryptocurrency. It stands out for its significant mining performance and energy efficiency.

Key Specifications:

  • Hashrate: The KS3M offers a hash rate of 6 tera hashes per second (6 TH/s), with a variance of ±10%. This high hash rate indicates its potent performance in mining operations.
  • Power Consumption: The power efficiency of the KS3M is notable, consuming only 3400 watts of power with a fluctuation margin of ±10%. This makes it an energy-efficient option for miners.
  • Size and Weight: The dimensions of the KS3M are 370 x 195 x 290 mm, and it weighs approximately 14.4 kg net and 17.1 kg gross, making it a moderately sized unit in the ASIC miner category.
  • Noise Level: The KS3M operates with a noise level of around 75 dB, which is relatively standard for ASIC miners.
  • Temperature and Humidity Tolerance: It is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from 0 to 35 °C and can withstand a humidity range of 10% to 90%.
  • Voltage Input and Connection: The miner supports a voltage input of 170-300V AC and connects via Ethernet, making it compatible with standard network setups.

Additional Information:

  • Pricing and Availability: The retail price of the KS3M is around $8,999.00, but it does not include the power cable. The device was scheduled to be shipped in late December 2023.
  • Warranty: IceRiver provides a 180-day warranty from the shipment date, covering return shipping costs for repairs within this period. Additionally, in some regions like the EU, a 24-month warranty is provided, conforming to European Law.
  • Procurement Guidelines: Purchases are limited to a certain number of units per account, and the price does not include shipping fees, value-added tax, or customs duties.

The KS3M is part of IceRiver’s commitment to developing efficient mining products and is a competitive product in the cryptocurrency mining hardware market, offering powerful performance and adaptability to various mining environments.

For detailed information and updates on the KS3M and other products, visit IceRiver’s official website or contact their support team for any inquiries​​​​​​​.

More ASIC in IceRiver

Device NameHashing powerPower UsageMining algorithmSupported CoinsCurrent earnings(without electricity cost)
IceRiver KS38 TH/s3200WKHeavyHashKAS Kaspa 94.48 USD/day
IceRiver KS22 TH/s1200WKHeavyHashKAS Kaspa 23.62 USD/day

More ASIC in KHeavyHash

Device NameHashing powerPower UsageMining algorithmSupported CoinsCurrent earnings(without electricity cost)
iBeLink BM-KS Max10.5 TH/s3400WKHeavyHashKAS Kaspa 124.01 USD/day
Antminer KS3 (9.4Th)9.4 TH/s3500WKHeavyHashKAS Kaspa 111.01 USD/day
Antminer KS3 (8.3Th)8.3 TH/s3188WKHeavyHashKAS Kaspa 98.02 USD/day
IceRiver KS38 TH/s3200WKHeavyHashKAS Kaspa 94.48 USD/day
IceRiver KS3M6 TH/s3400WKHeavyHashKAS Kaspa 70.86 USD/day

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