What is the easiest Cryptocurrency to mine in 2023?

Bitcoin mining nowadays isn’t viable on home PC.

But you can use Bitcoin mining software that mines other cryptocurrencies, as written numerous times on this website(Check our picks on Bitcoin mining software for Windows, Linux, and Mac).

This way, you mine what’s most profitable at the moment, and what you earn gets converted into Bitcoin.

On first look, this is the most profitable way to mine. How can it not be if you’re mining what’s most profitable?

Well, it is. Although sometimes you will get more if you simply hold the cryptocurrency you have mined, instead of automatically converting it to Bitcoin.

Because in the future, the crypto you like and mine can jump a lot, thus earning you much more than initially anticipated by the mining software.

It may sound complicated to you(but it’s not), or you simply don’t want to mine that way(which is totally fine).

But if you would like to learn what cryptocurrencies are easiest to mine in 2023, keep reading:

Easiest cryptocurrencies to mine in 2023:

1. Bitcoin

Whatever someone may tell you, Bitcoin is objectively the best-known and most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

Likewise, it’s been in the game for too long, and so many accept it, that intuitively- the easiest cryptocurrency to mine is Bitcoin.

Whichever Bitcoin mining software you choose, mining Bitcoin will be easy.

How to mine Bitcoin with Kryptex

Once you install and configure Kryptex, it will start mining on your PC the most profitable cryptocurrency at that moment.

To actually get your payment in Bitcoin(the only way to “mine” Bitcoin with your PC), go to Kryptex Dashboard, and under “Choose a method” pick Bitcoin:


Then simply choose the amount you want the withdraw, and provide the Bitcoin address where you should like your funds to go.

If you don’t have a wallet but would like one, check our Bitcoin mining wallet guide.

How to Mine Bitcoin with Cudo Miner

Same as above, the only way to mine Bitcoin with Cudo Miner is through mining the most profitable currencies, then exchanging them for Bitcoin.

To achieve this, go to your Cudo Miner web console(after installing it of course).

Then click on “Settings”->”Payment”, and a window like this should be presented to you:

For display coins, you can choose whatever you want, but I prefer to have my earnings estimated in US dollars.

In order to get paid in Bitcoin, make sure that “Automatically exchange mined coins” is selected, and make sure that Bitcoin is chosen under “Payment coin”.

Easy, right? :)

How to Mine Bitcoin with BetterHash

Mining Bitcoin with BetterHash is rather easy as well.

Once you install and setup BetterHash on your PC, go to the BetterHash web panel, and click on “My Account”:

Make sure that “BTC Auto Exchange” is switched to on, in which case the button will be green color.

That’s pretty much it. BetterHash will mine the most profitable coins at the moment(since mining Bitcoins isn’t possible with your PC), and then simply convert those coins into Bitcoin.

How to Mine Bitcoin with Honey Miner

Unlike the previous three cryptocurrency mining apps, this one works out of the box for mining Bitcoin.

No matter what you mine, Honey Miner will reward you in Bitcoin, so you just need to set up and run the Honey Miner software.

How to Mine Bitcoin with CryptoTab Browser

Similar to Honey Miner, the only crypto you can mine with this browser app is Bitcoin.

Just follow my instructions to download and install the CryptoTab Browser, which will give you Bitcoin after mining with it for a while.

How to Mine Bitcoin with Computta

One more time, an easy app to use that pays you in Bitcoin.

Simply install and configure Computta, and everything you mine will be paid to you in Bitcoin.

2. Monero

If you’re looking for the best privacy coin out there, look no further.

Monero has been the most known and widely used privacy coin for 5+ years already.

With its current price of almost $166.89, it is a lucrative mining opportunity for many of you.

Furthermore, Monero is GPU/ASIC resistant, and can be mined with CPUs!

How to mine Monero with Cudo Miner

Mining Monero with Cudo Miner is easy!

First, set up and configure the Cudo Miner on your PC.

Once that’s ready, go to the web panel of Cudo Miner, click on “Settings->Payment”, make sure that “Automatically exchange mined coins” is enabled, and choose “Monero” as your payment coin:

Hit the orange “SAVE” button and everything you earn while mining with Cudo Miner will be paid to you in Monero.

How to mine Monero with BetterHash

As always, first, make sure that BetterHash is installed on your PC.

Also, be sure to visit your BetterHash web panel and make sure that “BTC Auto Exchange” is set to off:

Once those two prerequisites are filled, you can go to your BetterHash app to configure it for mining Monero(XMR).

Click on “Miners” in the left menu, and then click the “CPU/GPU miners”:

Remember what we said before- Monero is GPU/ASIC resistant and can be mined with your CPU only.

So on the next screen, under settings for your CPU, choose “XMR – RandomX (XMRig)” and hit the “Apply” button:

3. Algorand

Algorand is one of the very interesting newer coins in the cryptocurrency space.

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Algorand(ALGO) can’t be mined at all.

It was invented by a professor of computer science at MIT, with the purpose of speeding up transactions and providing a secure payment network without mining.

The current price of ALGO is a bit below the $1 mark, but with an ATH of $3.28 and increasing popularity, it may be interesting to invest in.

How to mine Algorand with Cudo Miner

As already explained, Algorand can’t be mined at all.

However, you can still mine other coins via Cudo Miner, and automatically exchange them for ALGO:

4. Ravencoin

Ravencoin(RVN) is one of the better-known coins in the crypto world.

It’s been there since 2017, made as a Bitcoin fork with 4 most known changes:

  1. KawPow algorithm that mitigates ASIC/centralization issues.
  2. Block reduction to 1 minute.
  3. Block reward of 5000 RVN.
  4. Coin supply of 21 billion(x1000 compared to Bitcoin supply).

These changes may or may not be critical for the success of Ravencoin, but I can say they did get popular within the crypto scene over time.

So, if interested in mining Ravencoin, the absolutely easiest way to do it is with the BetterHash mining software.

How to mine Ravencoin with BetterHash

Step 1: Make sure that “BTC Auto Exchange” is off in your web panel of BetterHash:

Step 2: Go to your desktop app of BetterHash, click on “Miners” and then “CPU/GPU miners”:

Step 3: Under your GPU(s) settings pick RVN – KawPow(NBMiner).

Step 4: Hit the blue “Apply” button.

And that’s about it :) As promised, this is the easiest way to mine Ravencoin on your PC in 2023.

Now let’s see what other coins we can mine with BetterHash in 2023:

5. Firo

Firo(FIRO) is another solid privacy coin, although currently much less known than Monero.

Formerly known as “ZCoin”, this coin uses a similar concept of zero-knowledge proofs as ZCash, which is another coin we will see how to mine with BetterHash.

The most notable property of Firo is that it allows its users to destroy their FIRO coins, later redeeming them for brand new FIRO coins that can’t be traced back to the old ones.

Sounds interesting? :)

I would say so, and with the current price of just $1.79, which is much less than the price of Monero or ZCash, it could be an interesting coin to mine and invest in.

How to mine Firo with BetterHash

Mining Firo with BetterHash is rather easy and boils down to the same process as mining other coins we discussed above.

Once the BetterHash app is installed on your PC, go to its web panel and make sure that “Auto Exchange BTC” is turned off:

Then go back to your BetterHash mining app and click on “Miners” and then “CPU/GPU miners”:

Under your GPU or GPUs, select “Firo – MTP (CCMiner)”:

Hit the blue “Apply” button and you’re all set for easy mining of Firo in 2023!

6. Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic or ETC is one of the best-known coins in the cryptocurrency markets.

The Ethereum Classic coin is actually the original Ethereum coin.

In 2016., Ethereum was hacked, resulting in almost 4 million ETH stolen.

To mitigate the issue, Ethereum made a hard fork to revert back the stolen funds, while ETC fraction decided to keep the chain intact.

Over time, the ETC and ETH fractions separated further and further, eventually leading to recognition as two very separate projects.

The most notable difference is that Ethereum plans to move to a proof-of-stake concept(thus removing miners from the equation), while Ethereum Classic doesn’t have such intentions and plans to continue working on a proof-of-work(mining) concept.

Ethereum Classic has many functions similar to Ethereum(like smart contracts), and it will grow over time independently, maybe even surpassing Ethereum if its proof-of-stake concept doesn’t work as expected in the future.

In case you decide to try mining Ethereum Classic, by far the easiest way to do so will be through BetterHash mining software:

How to mine Ethereum Classic with BetterHash

It may sound a bit repetitive, but I have to keep it that way in case you jump to this section without reading the previous ones.

So, first, install the BetterHash mining software on your PC.

Then make sure your “BTC Auto Exchange” setting is disabled in the BetterHash web panel:

Click on “Miners->CPU/GPU miners”:

Choose “ETC – Ethash(Phoenix Miner)” for your GPU(s):

Hit the apply button and you’ll be ready to start mining Ethereum Classic.

7. Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold(BTG) is a fork of the original Bitcoin code, founded in 2017 to try to keep the security of the Bitcoin blockchain, while also leaving room for certain developments in DeFi/DApps, as well improvements in the proof-of-work concept.

It’s unclear whether this coin will ever reach a portion of the Bitcoin popularity, but it’s mineable on desktop PCs, and we can easily do so with BetterHash, so it deserves to be on this list of easiest crypto to mine in 2023:

How to mine Bitcoin Gold with BetterHash

Step 1: Install BetterHash mining software on your PC.

Step 2: Make sure that “BTC Auto Exchange” is disabled in your web panel of BetterHash:

Step 3: Go to “Miners->CPU/GPU Miners”:

Step 4:

Choose the “BTG – ZHash(GMiner)” algorithm for your GPU or GPUs if you have more than one:

Hopefully, you agree that this is the easiest way to mine Bitcoin Gold on your PC in 2023.

If you ever find an easier way, be sure to let us know :P

8. ZCash

The last on our list, but certainly not a coin for underestimation.

ZCash or ZEC is the second most popular privacy coin, along with Monero.

Similar to FIRO, it uses zero-knowledge proofs to verify transactions on its network, without compromising any of the user’s data.

ZCash supports two ways of transactions- transparent and shielded, where the first one is very similar to how Bitcoin transactions operate, while the shielded one offers complete anonymity in case you need it.

It has been in the game for long enough, and with the current price of $44.48 could be an interesting project to invest in.

Let’s see how to easily mine ZCash in 2023:

How to mine ZCash with BetterHash

Start by installing BetterHash on your computer.

Go to your web panel and disable “BTC Auto Exchange” in case it is enabled:

Go back to your desktop app and click on “Miners->CPU/GPU Miners”:

Make sure that your GPU(s) is configured to “ZEC – Equihash(EQMiner)”:

Save your settings and start mining ZCash.