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The NPlusMiner is a simple GUI solution for mining the most profitable coin at the moment.

Same as other GUI mining software, it includes various different console miners and wraps them into a nice graphical interface.

Among the most noted features is the fact that NPlusMiner monitors prices, and allows you to mine what’s most profitable at the moment.

Some of the mining software included in NPlusMiner:

How to set up and run NPlusMiner on Windows

First, go to the official download page and download the latest version.

In this case, the file is called “”, but by the time you’re reading this, it might be a newer version.

Just make sure you download the NPlusMiner and not the one with “Update” in its name.

Once the zip file is on your PC, use 7-Zip, WinZip, or any archiving tool to unpack the archive.

If Windows Defender or your AV blocks it, you will need to whitelist it.

Once extracted, you should get a folder called “NPlusMiner” with the files like this:

Double click on “NPlusMiner” and the mining software should start.

In the beginning, it may install additional prerequisites as well serve you some prompts, which you should accept:

Once done, set your wallet under “Wallet Address”.

Under the “Config” tab, you can also choose the payout currency, which pools to mine on, etc:

Save the config and go back to the “Run” tab. Then hit the “Start” button:

If everything is okay, NPlusMiner will compute the pool stats, load the miners, and start mining crypto for you :)

During the process of miners downloading, it’s very possible that they will be detected by your antivirus software.

It is probably best to temporarily disable the protection, or make sure you set up the exclusion for each marked mining software.

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Helene Brenner says:

Takes a while to setup but offers a variety of console miners packed as one.