Bitcoin Mining Wallet – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Wallets to use in 2023

So you want to start with cryptocurrency trading or mining, but are not sure what are the best Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets?

This article aims at simplifying this for you as well as showing you our top picks for 2023.

A Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet isn’t much different from your regular wallet- its main and often only purpose is to store your coins safely and securely.

But unlike a regular pocket wallet, cryptocurrency wallets come in two forms- hardware and software.

Hardware wallets are usually more secure and often referred to as “cold wallets”.

Software wallets are based on software and are usually easy to install.

Also, all hardware wallets come with a price, while most software Bitcoin wallets are free to use.

Software wallets for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2023


While technically not a wallet, Binance is a crypto exchange that holds wallets for pretty much any cryptocurrency out there.

Furthermore, Binance supports different blockchain networks, so there are multiple ways to get the same coin into Binance wallets(or send them elsewhere from Binance).

If we can say that a wallet is as strong as the company behind it, then Binance wallets are very strong and secure- as it is the most used crypto exchange in the world.

With the number of coins supported(which are in hundreds if not thousands), I believe it deserves to be listed here.

Trust Wallet

This software wallet gained lots of fans and users easily because it’s very easy to use and also secure.

Besides being a simple wallet for crypto, Trust Wallet can also be used to:

  • Buy cryptocurrency with your credit card, directly from the app.
  • Tracking crypto charts and exchanging your coins without leaving the app.
  • Stake crypto and earn returns by simply holding your coins.
  • Store and see your collectibles(NFTs).

Trust wallet is a mobile app that can be used on iOS(iPhone) and Android.


Even though the Guarda wallet was first released in 2017, it took them some time to gain traction and become popular.

But their hard work placed them among the top Bitcoin and crypto wallets in 2023.

Similar to Trust Wallet, there are various things you can do with Guarda:

  • Store your crypto assets securely(thousands of different crypto assets supported).
  • Buy different crypto assets directly from the wallet, Visa and MasterCard supported.
  • Earn by staking, with up to 40% gains per year(the rewards differ per coin staked).
  • Exchange more than 50 coins directly from the wallet app.

Guarda is available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, various Linux distros(Ubuntu, Debian, and more), and also as an extension for Google Chrome.


The Exodus wallet has been in the game for a while(since 2015) and proved stable and popular over time.

It is seen by many as one of the easiest crypto wallets for beginners, without lacking security features.

Most notable Exodus features:

  • easy to use and manage
  • allows staking/earning crypto assets by holding them
  • has a crypto exchange within the app
  • supports 160+ cryptocurrencies

Right now, Exodus is available for iOs, and Android, and also as a desktop version on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Another very popular wallet among crypto enthusiasts.

By default, the Metamask wallet supports Ethereum and any Ethereum-based tokens(erc20, 721, and more), but with a bit of tweaking it can support tokens from other platforms(like Binance BEP-20).

To learn more about extending the Metamask list of coins, take a look at my guide on how to mine Shiba Inu.

Metamask allows you to:

  • store your crypto assets safely
  • trade(swap) between cryptos
  • play games, earn NFTs, and more

This wallet is available for iOS, and Android, and also as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave.

Hardware wallets for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2023

If you like our pick of software wallets, you will love the hardware wallets that follow:


The SafePal wallet is a hardware and software crypto wallet backed up by Binance.

This wallet is of very high quality and has plenty of features, yet it’s the cheapest crypto hardware wallet on the market, with a price starting at just $40.

They also have their own token(SFP), which can be traded on Binance and a few more exchanges.

Some of the most notable SafePal features:

  • the SafePal hardware wallet appears and has dimensions similar to a 4-inch phone.
  • No Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi, no USB(only for charging), and no NFC connections.
  • even though tiny, this wallet supports around 20 blockchains and 10000+ tokens.
  • this device is very light and easy to carry around, plus operates in temperatures from -20 to 70 degrees Celsius.
  • for high-speed scanning and using crypto directly from your hardware wallet, the SafePal wallet features a QR code scanner.
  • true random number generator, security sensors, and a self-destructing mechanism as additional layers of security.

Ledger Nano X

One of the most popular hardware wallets that’s been in the crypto industry for a while.

The Ledger Nano X costs almost 4x the price of SafePal, but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, there’s also Ledger Nano S which costs around $70.

Still, in my opinion, nothing beats the price/efficiency ratio of SafePal.

The most notable features of Ledger Nano X:

  • can be used to store, stake, and even exchange crypto assets.
  • connection with Windows, Linux, and Mac computers, as well as iOS and Android.
  • small by design

Trezor Model One

This wallet comes close to SafePal when it comes to pricing(59 EUR), but doesn’t have as many features as SafePal.

Still, some of you may like the Trezor Model One wallet for its simplicity and dimensions.

Most notable features:

  • a screen of 128×64 pixels.
  • -20°C to +60°C operating temperature.
  • connectable to mobile and computers.
  • Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android are supported. Currently, there’s no support for iPhone.
  • Bitcoin and more than 1000 coins supported

Conclusion on best Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets for 2023

As you can see, the crypto world offers lots of different wallets to store your coins securely.

Apart from those I listed above, there are literally hundreds of crypto wallets, especially software ones.

However, you should be cautious and only use crypto wallets that are run by good-standing companies and vouched for by many users.

Remember, whoever has access to your wallet has access to all your crypto holdings.