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Top 20 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2023

Cryptocurrencies have conquered the modern financial world with escape velocity. In a couple of years, the term “Bitcoin” became hundreds of times more recognizable.

Meanwhile, people began to associate it with the word “cryptocurrency”, but it is completely wrong: now there are over 18000 different digital currencies and the number is still growing.

Trying to become as successful as BTC and to correct its mistakes developers filled the marketplace with various cryptocurrencies.

This is how the history of altcoins began.

Each altcoin has its pros and cons and its unique features, but they are all linked by blockchain technology, through which this world of electronic money exists.

At the same time, a considerable amount of different crypto exchanges were created, which posed a new question: where to trade all these tokens?

In this article, we listed the 20 best cryptocurrency exchanges that exist today(in our humble opinion, of course).


Binance is a leading crypto trading platform available on Android, iPhone, macOS, and Windows.

It also provides API access, so it can be used with various platforms, software, and trading bots.

They have an average daily volume of 2 billion dollars, and 1,400,000+ transactions per second!

Furthermore, Binance supports standard trading, margin trading, and even crypto futures.

All this with thousands of trading pairs and 24/7 support makes it one of the strongest and most liquid crypto exchanges in the world.


This service saw the light four years ago and since that time it has managed to obtain an impressive base of loyal clients.

ChangeHero enables its users to make swaps with credit cards.

The platform offers a broad array of cryptocurrencies.

It is also a non-custodial exchange — its clients are completely shielded from hackers and they have full control over their funds.


This platform is a very good option for newcomers and pros.

It wasn’t very long ago that the Quickex was launched, but it’s making big waves!

The interface of the site is quite user-friendly and the exchange itself is simple to work with.

Users can trace the market value of any cryptocurrency available here — and the selection is really remarkable.

Transactions are fast, it usually takes about 5-10 minutes for them to complete.

To begin using it you don’t need to provide any information about yourself, so don’t worry about safety.

The process of exchange is quick and simple and consists of only 3 steps.


Bitmax is a relatively new crypto exchange, that offers standard, margin, and futures trading of cryptocurrencies.

Besides trading, it can be used for investing, staking, and also DeFi products.

This exchange has a clear and concise interface, and also comes with an app for mobile as well as its own BTMX token built on Ethereum, which fuels the exchange ecosystem.

If interested in finding out more, we strongly recommend you check this Bitmax review.

Is a solid and relatively old player when it comes to Bitcoin exchanges. comes with an online web exchange, an app, and also the possibility to withdraw or spend your crypto with debit cards that can be used throughout the world.

They have multiple types of VISA cards available, they don’t lack on DeFi revolution and staking became a relatively easy process with their platform.

While this article isn’t written to persuade you in any way, the exchange is probably among the top exchanges in 2023.

Buy Bitcoin Finder

Buy Bitcoin Finder can be used to buy Bitcoin securely and instantly.

With easy to use interface, available in all countries, a collection of the most secure exchanges, and a comparison of the lowest fees among exchanges, it is one of our top choices.

Check out Buy Bitcoin Finder to review and compare the best cryptocurrency exchanges in any country around the world.


What is very good about this place is that its clients don’t need to place orders by themselves.

The prices are good and the fees are low.

The company says that it offers its clients the best of all possible exchange rates.

It supports over 70 cryptos and the number is increasing.

On this platform users also have an opportunity to trace exchange flows to their wallet on the display which is handy enough.


The service enables 2 ways of exchanging coins: applying the floating rate or the fixed-rate mechanism.

ChangeNOW has its own digital coin NOW, which has recently moved from ETH blockchain to Binance manner.

The platform was primarily made on the Changelly API basis, which explains the similarities of its interfaces.

It doesn’t require its client’s personal information, except for cases when a client is obliged to pass the KYC procedure.

The selection of electronic currencies clients can swap between isn’t so large(over 30) as compared with offerings of some other platforms, but it is still a promising new service.

You don’t need to register to trade on the exchange and it doesn’t ask its clients to pass KYC confirmation procedures.

The platform is safe, handy, and quick — the transaction time is very short.

You are also able to fix the exchange rate for a couple of minutes, just press the “Fly now” button.


TimeX is an Australian crypto trading platform built by

This exchange combines centralized and decentralized features, aiming to reach optimal speed and security.

With a wide range of trading pairs and solid volume, you should definitely try TimeX, especially if you’re trading from Australia.


This swapping service is very famous.

It offers its users a handy mechanism of fixed rates that protects them from market fluctuations.

This platform is safe and very advanced, it was created seven years ago and now it is quite respected in the crypto community.

It supports the trading of more than 150 digital coins charging a 0.25% fee for every swap.

You can also purchase tokens using your bank card.

No personal data are required to begin trading here, but Changelly reserves the privilege to demand from its clients KYC procedure passing if needed.


The challenge of its developers is really big — they aim to build the safest, quick, and most convenient exchange platform for digital currencies and to continue to offer a competitive exchange rate.

No registration or even email is required for trading on InstaEx and the service doesn’t ask its clients to pass KYC procedures.

It supports over 150 currencies and there are no limits on the trading amount.


This is an Austrian swapping service that was created six years ago and was originally named Coinimal.

It provides its clients with a large choice of payment methods and quite comfortable prices.

Among its benefits are low fees for buying BTC with a bank card in all European countries.

Among its disadvantages are the facts that the fees are not shown to you, but included in the price, and people from the USA are not able to trade on the exchange.

Bitpanda is not very private because you have to provide your documents before you can start trading.

The firm won a startup award in October 2016 and has been a trustworthy service in the crypto space since its creation.

Crypto Exchange

One of the new players in the industry is the crypto exchange.

The interface is clean and slick, and they come up with a unique crypto escrow feature that you can use to buy and sell various goods, like a domain name, watch, car, or even real estate.

The escrow system is well known by now, but it’s still new in the crypto sphere.

The process is as follows:

  1. The buyer and seller come up with an agreement.
  2. The buyer adds money to the exchange.
  3. The seller sends the goods.
  4. The buyer approves the payment.
  5. Exchange pays the seller.


This is a very reliable service that provides fast and affordable swaps between cryptos.

If you have any problems, the support team will always help and it usually takes just a few minutes to wait for their answer.

The fees are small and much cheaper than on most other platforms.

Along with BTC a wide selection of altcoins is accessible for swapping here and new tokens are constantly being added.

SimpleSwap also offers the affiliate program with a 90% share of the proceeds mechanism to crypto platforms that want to reach a wider audience and adopt new exchange options.


Swaplab is a non-custodial and comfy for newcomers to crypto exchange service, which allows its clients to swap between coins rapidly, securely, and simply.

The service is safe — no registration is needed for trading here, and as a non-custodial exchange it doesn’t keep your money.

The commission is quite low, it is just 0.5% of the total transaction amount.

They have a great support team that is always happy to help.

Transaction time is short and usually takes about 15 minutes after the user deposit is confirmed.

Anycoin Direct

Anycoin Direct is a simple and convenient-to-use service with lighting-fast transfers that were launched seven years ago.

It has very good customer support, and the platform itself is focused on user-friendliness.

The exchange process is easy, there are info pages for every token on the website and you are also able to start a chat or write an email to a support team if you have any questions.

The service describes its core values as reliability, friendliness, transparency, and passion.

It is fast and reliable, but the provisions aren’t very low.


The Liquid is a comprehensive swapping platform available for everyone, from newcomers to experts.

The exchange is safe, it stores 98% of digital funds in an offline, safe wallet.

The fee structure is easy and competitive, the exchange claims that it wants to give its clients the best possible experience.

The Liquid is fully regulated, licensed, and meets strict safety standards.

The team’s aim is “to help provide financial freedom for everyone”.

Deposits of major fiat currencies are accepted and the selection of cryptos here is wide.

The support is available for Liquid clients 24/7.


OKEx is a prominent Malta-based crypto-swapping firm that offers innovative financial services to millions of its clients globally.

It was created three years ago and now it is a large company with over 800 employees and 20 million clients.

It supports a large selection of cryptocurrencies and futures and is among the best asset exchange platforms in terms of the trading volume.

Safety is one of the OKEx priorities — it is achieved by the adoption of such innovative technologies as Global Server Load Balancing and distributed server clusters.

Two years ago the service became the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by reported turnover.


BitTorro is a crypto-to-crypto instant swap service that supports over 45 digital currencies.

Its interface is user-friendly, transactions are fast and fees are super low(only 0.4%).

It is non-custodial which makes it very secure.

The platform is privacy-focused, so your personal data are safe and never shared.

The mission of BitTorro is to build a solid basis to support decentralized blockchain development.

That is it.

Now you know what to choose from and we are sure you will pick the exchange that is the best and most suitable for you.

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