Bitcoin Amsterdam – Here I Come(Big Giveaway For Fastest Ones Inside)!

Have you heard of Bitcoin Amsterdam?

It’s probably the biggest Bitcoin conference in Europe this year.

And I knew I’ll come since the first time I saw the ad in August.

Two weeks ago I booked flight and accommodation and was monitoring giveaways to try and win a ticket.

And today it paid off!

If you’re quick enough, you may get lucky as I did, and get a ticket for just 41 euros!

Just check this tweet from Nicehash and see if there are tickets still available:

Besides being excited to see what this year’s conference has to offer, I’m also looking forward to meeting the Nicehash team.

I included them on this website a while back, and even wrote about their alternatives back in 2019, so I’m really excited to hear their opinion and what happens with GPU miners after the Merge.

Of course, this conference will surely bring some interesting news about mining Bitcoin, so you can expect fresh and updated content in this field.