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myMiner is a rather easy mining software.

It takes a few seconds to install and configure and can be used without messing with console miners.

Unlike other GUI mining software on this website, there’s no account associated with the software.

When mining with myMiner, you still mine through the public pools(of your choice), but everything is packed into a nice GUI so you don’t have to configure a console miner.

Furthermore, you can either use a wallet generated by myMiner or enter your own(for example from MetaMask or Trust).

The miner comes with a 2% mining fee, which is paid automatically. This fee is not to be neglected, because with console miners we can use unMineable,  which has a fee of 0.75 – 1%, or Kryptex, which is a great tool and comes with a 2% mining fee as well.

Still, the fee is better than Nicehash or Cudo Miner, which have a fee of 3%+ and 6% respectively.

As always, I advise you to check as much different mining software on this website is available and choose the one that works best for you.

Here are the pools available for mining with myMiner:




Right now, myMiner is available only on Windows, but there’s a hint that they are working on making a Mac version as well.

*Keep in mind that if your GPU has less than 6GB of VRAM, you won’t able to mine ETH. In that case, you can enable ETC and disable ETH inside the myMiner settings.

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Stefan Ristic says:

Easy to use tool on Mac to mine certain coins.