A10 ETHMaster Review

The Innosilicon A10 ETHMaster is a specialized ASIC miner designed for mining cryptocurrencies using the EtHash algorithm, predominantly Ethereum Classic. This miner is available in different models with varying hash rates and power consumption, including versions with 485Mh/s and 500Mh/s hash rates.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Hash Rate and Efficiency: The A10 ETHMaster offers hash rates of 485Mh/s and 500Mh/s depending on the model. These hash rates represent a robust mining capability for EtHash-based cryptocurrencies.
  • Power Consumption: The power consumption varies by model, with the 485Mh/s model consuming approximately 850W and the 500Mh/s model around 750W. This variation indicates the balance between energy usage and mining power.

Design and Build:

  • Physical Dimensions and Weight: The miner’s size is compact, with dimensions of 125 x 155 x 360mm for the 485Mh/s model and 136 x 285 x 362mm for the 500Mh/s model. The weight is around 5.4 kg for the 485Mh/s model and 8.1 kg for the 500Mh/s model, reflecting a sturdy build.
  • Noise Level: Operating at a noise level of approximately 75db, the A10 ETHMaster is within the average range for high-performance mining hardware.

Operational Requirements:

  • Power Supply: The device requires a reliable power supply to handle its power consumption. It operates with a voltage of 12V.
  • Temperature and Humidity Tolerance: The A10 ETHMaster operates effectively in temperatures ranging from 0 to 45 °C and can handle humidity levels from 5% to 95%.


  • Network Interface: The A10 ETHMaster features an Ethernet interface for network connectivity, facilitating easy integration into mining setups.
  • Memory: The models come with memory sizes of 4GB, which is beneficial for mining efficiency and stability.

The Innosilicon A10 ETHMaster stands out for its strong mining capabilities, particularly for Ethereum Classic and other EtHash-based cryptocurrencies. It offers a good balance of efficiency and performance with considerable power consumption, typical of high-performance mining equipment. Potential buyers should weigh the cost of the device against expected mining returns and operational costs like electricity.

More ASIC in Ethash

Device NameHashing powerPower UsageMining algorithmSupported CoinsCurrent earnings(without electricity cost)
X16-P0.0058 TH/s1900WEthashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 18.31 USD/day
QuarkChain 15.16 USD/day
V10.0036 TH/s3100WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 11.36 USD/day
QuarkChain 9.41 USD/day
X40.0025 TH/s1200WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 7.89 USD/day
QuarkChain 6.53 USD/day
Antminer E90.0024 TH/s1920WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 7.58 USD/day
QuarkChain 6.27 USD/day
V1 Classic0.00155 TH/s1240WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 4.89 USD/day
QuarkChain 4.05 USD/day
A11 Pro ETH0.0015 TH/s2350WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 4.73 USD/day
QuarkChain 3.92 USD/day
X4-Q0.00104 TH/s480WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 3.28 USD/day
QuarkChain 2.72 USD/day
X4-1U0.00052 TH/s240WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 1.64 USD/day
QuarkChain 1.36 USD/day
X4-C 1U0.00045 TH/s240WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 1.42 USD/day
QuarkChain 1.18 USD/day
V1 Mini SE Plus0.0004 TH/s232WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 1.26 USD/day
QuarkChain 1.05 USD/day
V1 Mini0.0003 TH/s240WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 0.95 USD/day
QuarkChain 0.78 USD/day
V1 Mini SE0.0002 TH/s116WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 0.63 USD/day
QuarkChain 0.52 USD/day

More ASIC in Innosilicon

Device NameHashing powerPower UsageMining algorithmSupported CoinsCurrent earnings(without electricity cost)
T3+ 57T57 TH/s3300WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 4.95 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 5.1 USD/day
A11 Pro ETH0.0015 TH/s2350WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 4.73 USD/day
QuarkChain 3.92 USD/day
T3+ 52T52 TH/s2800WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 4.52 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 4.65 USD/day
T3 50T50 TH/s3100WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 4.35 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 4.47 USD/day
T3 43T43 TH/s2100WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 3.74 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 3.84 USD/day
T3 39T39 TH/s2150WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 3.39 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 3.49 USD/day
A6+ LTCMaster0.0022 TH/s2100WScryptDOGE LTC Dogecoin 2.29 USD/day
Litecoin 0.59 USD/day
T2 Turbo HF+33 TH/s2600WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 2.87 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 2.95 USD/day
T2 Turbo+ 32T32 TH/s2200WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 2.78 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 2.86 USD/day
T2 Turbo 26T26 TH/s2100WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 2.26 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 2.32 USD/day
T2 Turbo24 TH/s1980WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 2.09 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 2.15 USD/day
A6 LTCMaster0.00123 TH/s1500WScryptDOGE LTC Dogecoin 1.28 USD/day
Litecoin 0.33 USD/day
A9++ ZMaster0.00000014 TH/s1550WEquihashZEC KMD ZCash 1.65 USD/day
Komodo 1.03 USD/day
A10 ETHMaster0.0005 TH/s750WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 1.58 USD/day
QuarkChain 1.31 USD/day
T2 Terminator17.2 TH/s1570WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 1.49 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 1.54 USD/day
A9+ ZMaster0.00000012 TH/s1550WEquihashZEC KMD ZCash 1.41 USD/day
Komodo 0.88 USD/day
A5+ DashMaster0.065 TH/s1500WX11DASH Dash 1.48 USD/day
A4+ LTCMaster0.00062 TH/s750WScryptDOGE LTC Dogecoin 0.65 USD/day
Litecoin 0.17 USD/day
A9 ZMaster0.00000005 TH/s620WEquihashZEC KMD ZCash 0.59 USD/day
Komodo 0.37 USD/day
A5 DashMaster0.0325 TH/s750WX11DASH Dash 0.74 USD/day
A4 Dominator0.00028 TH/s1050WScryptDOGE LTC Dogecoin 0.29 USD/day
Litecoin 0.08 USD/day

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