Ethash ASIC Miner

Ethash, initially the Proof of Work algorithm for Ethereum, continues to be significant in the cryptocurrency mining sector, particularly with Ethereum Classic (ETC) and QuarkChain (QKC).

After Ethereum transitioned to Proof of Stake with “The Merge,” Ethereum Classic became a prominent Ethash-based Proof of Work Smart Contract Platform, inheriting many miners from Ethereum. Ethereum Classic’s hashing algorithm is almost identical to Ethash, making the transition for miners quite straightforward. Ethereum Classic is committed to the Proof of Work consensus mechanism, offering a stable foundation for decentralized applications and allowing anyone to contribute hash power and earn ETC in return​​.

QuarkChain (QKC), another cryptocurrency that utilizes the Ethash algorithm, supports mining with various software suitable for both AMD and Nvidia hardware. The network parameters of QuarkChain, such as hash rate, difficulty, block reward, and the size of the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), are essential considerations for miners. QuarkChain’s adoption of Ethash facilitates mining on diverse hardware platforms, contributing to the network’s security and decentralization.

Ethash, in the context of Ethereum Classic and QuarkChain, illustrates the adaptability and continued relevance of this algorithm in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency mining.

Below, you will find various hardware to mine cryptocurrencies that are secured with Ethash.

Device NameHashing powerPower UsageMining algorithmSupported CoinsCurrent earnings(without electricity cost)
X16-P0.0058 TH/s1900WEthashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 21.78 USD/day
QuarkChain 16.2 USD/day
V10.0036 TH/s3100WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 13.52 USD/day
QuarkChain 10.06 USD/day
X40.0025 TH/s1200WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 9.39 USD/day
QuarkChain 6.98 USD/day
Antminer E90.0024 TH/s1920WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 9.01 USD/day
QuarkChain 6.71 USD/day
V1 Classic0.00155 TH/s1240WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 5.82 USD/day
QuarkChain 4.33 USD/day
A11 Pro ETH0.0015 TH/s2350WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 5.63 USD/day
QuarkChain 4.19 USD/day
X4-Q0.00104 TH/s480WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 3.91 USD/day
QuarkChain 2.91 USD/day
X4-1U0.00052 TH/s240WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 1.95 USD/day
QuarkChain 1.45 USD/day
A10 ETHMaster0.0005 TH/s750WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 1.88 USD/day
QuarkChain 1.4 USD/day
X4-C 1U0.00045 TH/s240WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 1.69 USD/day
QuarkChain 1.26 USD/day
V1 Mini SE Plus0.0004 TH/s232WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 1.5 USD/day
QuarkChain 1.12 USD/day
V1 Mini0.0003 TH/s240WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 1.13 USD/day
QuarkChain 0.84 USD/day
V1 Mini SE0.0002 TH/s116WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 0.75 USD/day
QuarkChain 0.56 USD/day
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