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Bitcoin Cash Mining Data

Net Hashes Per Second: 7737903042092663000
Block Time: 440s
Block Reward: 6.25186408 BCH

*Mining stats updated every 60 minutes

Mining algorithm: SHA256

SHA-256, standing for Secure Hash Algorithm 256-bit, is a member of the SHA-2 family of cryptographic hash functions, designed by the United States National Security Agency (NSA). It is widely known for its use in various cryptocurrencies, notably Bitcoin.

This algorithm is used to convert an input of any length into a fixed-size, 256-bit hash output, displayed as 64 alphanumeric characters. The output length of SHA-256 is constant regardless of the input size. A key feature of SHA-256 is its deterministic nature, meaning the same input will always produce the same hash output. This characteristic is crucial for applications like Bitcoin’s blockchain, where maintaining data integrity and verifying transactions are essential.

Originally, SHA-256 was utilized in CPU and GPU mining, but the landscape evolved with the introduction of ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) miners, which are significantly more efficient for SHA-256-based cryptocurrencies. Today, ASIC miners like Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro and Whatsminer M30S++ dominate Bitcoin’s network. Although newer generations of ASIC machines continually supersede older ones in hash power, they have also led to concerns about mining centralization.

SHA-256 is integral to Bitcoin, serving multiple purposes within its protocol. It is employed for verifying transactions through the Proof of Work consensus mechanism and is also involved in the creation of Bitcoin addresses.

Beyond Bitcoin, SHA-256 is used by other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV), as well as in a variety of security applications and encryption protocols like TLS and SSL certificates. Despite its widespread use, SHA-256 remains secure, with no effective attacks known currently, although the evolution of computational capabilities might necessitate future updates to maintain security.

In summary, SHA-256’s role in cryptocurrency mining is significant, providing a secure and reliable foundation for the verification of transactions and the maintenance of blockchain integrity​​​.

Below, you will find various hardware to mine cryptocurrencies secured with SHA256.

Device NameHashing powerPower UsageMining algorithmSupported CoinsCurrent earnings(without electricity cost)
MicroBT WhatsMiner M63S390 TH/s7215WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 41.56 USD/day
Antminer S21 Hyd335 TH/s5360WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 35.7 USD/day
Antminer S19 XP Hyd.250 TH/s5200WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 26.64 USD/day
Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd.198 TH/s5445WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 21.1 USD/day
Antminer S19 Pro Hyd.177 TH/s5221WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 18.86 USD/day
Antminer S19 Hydro158 TH/s5451WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 16.84 USD/day
Antminer T19 Hydro145 TH/s5438WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 15.45 USD/day
Antminer S19 XP141 TH/s3031.5WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 15.02 USD/day
Whatsminer M50S126 TH/s3276WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 13.43 USD/day
Whatsminer M50114 TH/s3306WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 12.15 USD/day
Whatsminer M30S++112 TH/s3472WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 11.93 USD/day
Antminer S19 Pro110 TH/s3250WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 11.72 USD/day
Whatsminer M30S+100 TH/s3400WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 10.66 USD/day
Antminer S19j Pro96 TH/s2832WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 10.23 USD/day
Antminer S1995 TH/s3250WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 10.12 USD/day
Antminer S19j90 TH/s3250WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 9.59 USD/day
AvalonMiner 124690 TH/s3420WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 9.59 USD/day
Whatsminer M30S86 TH/s3268WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 9.16 USD/day
Antminer T1984 TH/s3150WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 8.95 USD/day
Hornbill H8 Pro84 TH/s3360WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 8.95 USD/day
AvalonMiner 1166 Pro81 TH/s3400WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 8.63 USD/day
Whatsminer M31S+80 TH/s3360WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 8.52 USD/day
Tardis80 TH/s6300WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 8.52 USD/day
Whatsminer M31S76 TH/s3220WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 8.1 USD/day
Hornbill H874 TH/s3330WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 7.89 USD/day
Antminer S17+73 TH/s2920WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 7.78 USD/day
B1170 TH/s3300WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 7.46 USD/day
Whatsminer M20S68 TH/s3360WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 7.25 USD/day
AvalonMiner 1126 Pro68 TH/s3420WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 7.25 USD/day
Whatsminer M32S66 TH/s3432WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 7.03 USD/day
Antminer S17e64 TH/s2880WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 6.82 USD/day
Antminer T17+64 TH/s3200WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 6.82 USD/day
AvalonMiner 1146 Pro63 TH/s3276WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 6.71 USD/day
Whatsminer M3262 TH/s3348WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 6.61 USD/day
STU-U8 Pro60 TH/s2800WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 6.39 USD/day
B1L60 TH/s3000WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 6.39 USD/day
T3+ 57T57 TH/s3300WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 6.07 USD/day
Whatsminer M21S56 TH/s3360WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 5.97 USD/day
Whatsminer M10S55 TH/s3500WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 5.86 USD/day
Antminer S1753 TH/s2385WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 5.65 USD/day
Antminer T17e53 TH/s2915WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 5.65 USD/day
T3+ 52T52 TH/s2800WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 5.54 USD/day
Antminer S17 Pro50 TH/s1975WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 5.33 USD/day
Ebit E12+50 TH/s2500WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 5.33 USD/day
T3 50T50 TH/s3100WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 5.33 USD/day
AvalonMiner 106650 TH/s3250WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 5.33 USD/day
Snow Panther A149 TH/s5400WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 5.22 USD/day
B849 TH/s6400WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 5.22 USD/day
STU-U846 TH/s2100WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 4.9 USD/day
Ebit E11++44 TH/s1980WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 4.69 USD/day
Ebit E1244 TH/s2500WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 4.69 USD/day
T3 43T43 TH/s2100WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 4.58 USD/day
Antminer T1740 TH/s2200WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 4.26 USD/day
T3 39T39 TH/s2150WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 4.16 USD/day
Ebit E11+37 TH/s2035WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 3.94 USD/day
AvalonMiner 104737 TH/s2380WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 3.94 USD/day
WX634 TH/s5000WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 3.62 USD/day
Whatsminer M1033 TH/s2145WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 3.52 USD/day
T2 Turbo HF+33 TH/s2600WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 3.52 USD/day
B333 TH/s3417WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 3.52 USD/day
T2 Turbo+ 32T32 TH/s2200WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 3.41 USD/day
Whatsminer M2131 TH/s1860WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 3.3 USD/day
Ebit E1130 TH/s1950WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 3.2 USD/day
H2828 TH/s2100WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 2.98 USD/day
T2 Turbo 26T26 TH/s2100WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 2.77 USD/day
Ebit E10D25 TH/s3500WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 2.66 USD/day
Snow Panther B1+24.5 TH/s2100WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 2.61 USD/day
B224 TH/s1950WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 2.56 USD/day
T2 Turbo24 TH/s1980WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 2.56 USD/day
A1 Pro23 TH/s2200WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 2.45 USD/day
H2222 TH/s1700WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 2.34 USD/day
Antminer S1120.5 TH/s1530WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 2.18 USD/day
AvalonMiner 92120 TH/s1700WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 2.13 USD/day
Ebit E1018 TH/s1650WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.92 USD/day
Antminer S9 Hydro18 TH/s1728WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.92 USD/day
T2 Terminator17.2 TH/s1570WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.83 USD/day
Antminer S9 SE16 TH/s1280WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.7 USD/day
Snow Panther B116 TH/s1380WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.7 USD/day
DragonMint T116 TH/s1480WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.7 USD/day
Ebit E9.316 TH/s1760WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.7 USD/day
Antminer S9j14.5 TH/s1350WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.55 USD/day
AvalonMiner 84113.6 TH/s1290WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.45 USD/day
Antminer S9k13.5 TH/s1310WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.44 USD/day
Ebit E9i13.5 TH/s1420WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.44 USD/day
Antminer S9i13 TH/s1280WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.39 USD/day
Whatsminer M3X12.5 TH/s2050WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.33 USD/day
Ebit E9.212 TH/s1320WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.28 USD/day
Whatsminer M312 TH/s2000WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.28 USD/day
Antminer S911.5 TH/s1127WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.23 USD/day
AvalonMiner 82111.5 TH/s1200WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.23 USD/day
Antminer T911.5 TH/s1450WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.23 USD/day
Antminer T9+10.5 TH/s1432WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 1.12 USD/day
Ebit E9+9 TH/s1300WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 0.96 USD/day
Antminer R48.7 TH/s845WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 0.93 USD/day
SX68.5 TH/s1000WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 0.91 USD/day
AvalonMiner 7417.3 TH/s1150WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 0.78 USD/day
Ebit E96.3 TH/s1077WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 0.67 USD/day
Antminer S74.73 TH/s1293WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 0.5 USD/day
Antminer V94 TH/s1027WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 0.43 USD/day
Antminer S7-LN2.7 TH/s697WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 0.29 USD/day
Antminer S51.155 TH/s590WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 0.12 USD/day
Antminer S30.478 TH/s366WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 0.05 USD/day