TECH REVOLUTION UNLEASHED: Tomorrow Conference Propels Belgrade onto the Global Tech Map with 10K Attendees!

After three days, during which around 10,000 visitors followed 30 special keynotes and 10 panels, the largest technology conference Tomorrow ended, which, with its program and selection of speakers, put Belgrade on the map of the most important tech capitals in Europe.

The main topics of the conference were devoted to web3, blockchain, artificial intelligence, gaming, nanorobotics, and metaverse.

The Tomorrow conference was opened by the Minister of Information and Telecommunications of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Mihailo Jovanović, who welcomed the guests “to Serbia, the land of innovation, creativity and knowledge”.

On the first day, the role of women in creating the future was discussed, as well as the help that the government can provide with innovative technologies. Minister of Information and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia Mihailo Jovanović, Prime Minister of Montenegro Dritan Abazović, Dr. Marvan Alzarouni from Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, as well as Honorary Consul of Serbia in Singapore Kelvin Cheng spoke on this panel, while the panel was moderated by Nenad Paunović from the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia.

Continuing on the first day, keynote panels discussed the impact of cryptocurrencies on the environment, the connection of NFTs to gaming, and the impact of art on gaming, as well as security in the crypto industry.

All visitors of the Tomorrow conference on the first evening could enjoy the performance organized in cooperation with EXIT Festival, which was organized by one of the most respected live performers of electronic music – Paul Kalkbrenner.

Already on the second day, the most visited panel was certainly the panel of the famous Vladimir Đukanović, who introduced the visitors to the philosophy behind artificial intelligence.

This was followed by talks about creating a balance between institutions and blockchain, recognizing and understanding “smart” contracts, then how NFT can help save the art world from collapse, as well as a panel on using ChatGPT.

The panel dedicated to the use of artificial intelligence in education attracted the most attention on the second day.

The second day ended spectacularly with the performance of the famous musician Scott Page, Pink Floyd’s saxophonist, who also participated in a panel dedicated to addiction to digital technologies.

The highlight of the conference was the captivating performance named “Synthtopia 6000 LIVE” by Destabilized and Scott Page, a prominent member of the band Pink Floyd. The fusion of electronic music, accompanied by a captivating saxophone solo, complemented by visually stimulating elements reminiscent of an LSD-induced experience, proved to be exceptionally enjoyable. Towards the conclusion of the mini-concert, Scott said: “Buy Bitcoin! Gold, silver… Bitcoin. Focus on these three things!”

The third day was opened by Vit Jedlička with his lecture on the state of Liberland, followed by discussions on Web 3, the metaverse, legal frameworks of virtual assets, and regulation of cryptocurrencies, and the greatest attention was drawn by Craig Sellers, the inventor of the stable currency Tether – the digital US dollar, as well as Dan Held Bitcoin Educator and Marketing Advisor at Trust Machines.

Dependence on digital technologies is one of the most current topics at the moment, and this issue is the focus of Exit’s “Life is Live” panel, which closed this year’s edition of the Tomorrow conference.

The guests could follow all the lectures on a 500 square meter LED screen, with special effects on the imposing stage, where Tomorrow Astronaut, the mascot of the conference, came on the first day to greet all the visitors.

The second Belgrade edition of the Tomorrow Conference, followed by a real tech spectacle in Dubai in front of more than 12,000 participants, was held in February of this year. The hosts of the Tomorrow conference, Anita Kalergis, and Zoran Tadić, announced the next edition in Belgrade, also in Stark Arena, and before that, the conference will experience its second edition in Dubai, in February 2024.