Bitcoin mining with JavaScript has never been this easy. If you think you need to go through a tedious setup or chase the non harmful JavaScript code on the internet- you’re wrong. CoinIMP is the best  JavaScript Bitcoin mining tool of 2019.

Last year, my top choice for JavaScript mining was Coinhive. However, they decided to shut down their operations. This forced me to look for alternatives, and luckily I found some that I’m willing to feature and bring to the masses.

The first JavaScript mining software that I’m going to share with you is called CoinIMP.

CoinIMP is a tool that’s very easy to register for and setup on your website. Let’s see how you can do it and start mining Monero and WebChain on your website:

How to start JavaScript mining with CoinIMP

The first thing you need to do is to click on the big blue button at the top of this post, which is going to take you to a CoinIMP page where you can register. The registration process is very simple and asks for your email and a desired password only.

Once you register for CoinIMP, you should get an email with a confirmation link. Click on the confirmation link and you’ll be registered and ready to access the dashboard.

CoinIMP registration - JavaScript Bitcoin Mining

CoinIMP dashboard on first look

The CoinIMP JavaScript Bitcoin tool comes with a fairly easy and intuitive dashboard.

There are two tabs where you can pick if you want to mine Monero or WebChain, and then there are further settings for each of the two.

Among other settings, here’s what you can do from there:

  • Calculate your revenue– enter the expected hash rate of your visitors, as well their estimated number and time spent on your website.
  • Get the implementation code– get the code to insert inside your website and start mining with JavaScript.
  • Add sites and users if needed– this isn’t necessary but can help you get a better insight if you have multiple websites.
  • Get a referral code– which you can use as an affiliate tool.

How to start JavaScript Bitcoin Mining with CoinIMP on your website

Once you’re inside the CoinIMP dashboard, just click the “Get the code” button which should present you with a mining code to embed inside your website.

Besides the code itself, there are a couple more settings to choose from:

  • Limit the CPU usage to a certain percentage.
  • Show advertisements along with the mining code(reduces the mining fee, but shows CoinIMP ads).
  • Display a notification to visitors that mining is taking place.
  • Style the notification

If you want my opinion on how to set those up, I recommend you read my post on JavaScript Bitcoin mining, where I talked a bit about the JavaScript mining ethics.

Once done, just get the code and insert it inside your website code, just before the closing body tag. Or if you’re using WordPress, you can download the CoinIMP plugin from the CoinIMP dashboard, and use that as an implementation method instead.

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