BM-S1 Review

The iBeLink BM-S1 is an ASIC miner optimized for mining Siacoin (SC) using the Blake2B-Sia algorithm. Released in March 2022, this miner is characterized by its efficiency and power in mining operations. It achieves a maximum hash rate of 6.8Th/s while consuming 2350W of power. The design of the BM-S1 ensures it can seamlessly integrate into various setups, given its dimensions of 128 x 201 x 402mm and weight of 9000g. Despite its power, the noise level is maintained at 75db, thanks to its four fans, making it suitable for environments where noise control is a consideration​​​​​.

In terms of profitability, the BM-S1’s performance varies with the cost of electricity and the current market price of Siacoin. At an electricity cost of $0.10 per kWh, the miner’s daily profitability hovers around a minimal margin, reflecting the challenging balance between operational costs and mining rewards under current market conditions. This miner is particularly noted for its single-coin focus, mining Siacoin, which may appeal to miners specifically interested in this cryptocurrency​.

For potential buyers, the BM-S1 comes with a power supply and cables included, and some vendors offer worldwide shipping under DDP (Delivered Duty Paid), ensuring a hassle-free purchase experience. Additionally, customer service and support are emphasized by vendors, with promises of swift order processing and delivery methods catering to a global customer base​​​.

The BM-S1 represents an option for those committed to mining Siacoin, balancing operational efficiency with the costs associated with cryptocurrency mining. As always, miners should consider their electricity rates, the current state of the cryptocurrency market, and their long-term mining strategy when evaluating the potential addition of the BM-S1 to their mining operations.

More ASIC in Blake2b

Device NameHashing powerPower UsageMining algorithmSupported CoinsCurrent earnings(without electricity cost)
SC6 SE17 TH/s3300WBlake2B-SiaSC Siacoin 49.24 USD/day
BM-S1 Max12 TH/s3150WBlake2B-SiaSC Siacoin 34.76 USD/day
SC-BOX0.9 TH/s200WBlake2B-SiaSC Siacoin 2.61 USD/day

More ASIC in iBeLink

Device NameHashing powerPower UsageMining algorithmSupported CoinsCurrent earnings(without electricity cost)
iBeLink BM-KS Max10.5 TH/s3400WKHeavyHashKAS Kaspa 129.68 USD/day
BM-S1 Max12 TH/s3150WBlake2B-SiaSC Siacoin 34.76 USD/day
BM-S16.8 TH/s2350WBlake2B-SiaSC Siacoin 19.69 USD/day
BM-K1 Max32 TH/s3200WBlake2SKDA Kadena 2.93 USD/day
BM-N16.6 TH/s2400WEaglesongCKB Nervos Network 2.69 USD/day
BM-K1+15 TH/s2250WBlake2SKDA Kadena 1.38 USD/day
DM56G0.056 TH/s2100WX11DASH Dash 1.11 USD/day
BM-K15.3 TH/s835WBlake2SKDA Kadena 0.49 USD/day
DM22G0.022 TH/s810WX11DASH Dash 0.43 USD/day

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