BM-S1 Max Review

The iBeLink BM-S1 Max is an advanced ASIC miner designed specifically for mining SiaCoin (SC) using the Blake2B-Sia algorithm. Released in May 2022, this miner offers a significant hash rate of 12Th/s at a power consumption of 3150W, showcasing its efficiency and power in the realm of cryptocurrency mining​​​​​.

With its robust performance, the BM-S1 Max is an improvement over its predecessor, offering nearly double the hash rate for mining SiaCoin, which highlights its capacity to generate more profit for miners interested in altcoins, especially during times when stablecoins are not performing as well. Its efficient design, featuring no naked wires and a compact rectangular shape, makes it an ideal choice for various mining setups, including home or professional environments​.

Despite its high power consumption, the miner’s efficiency is underscored by its energy efficiency ratio of 0.263j/Gh, making it a competitive option for those looking to mine SiaCoin more effectively. It operates within a temperature range of 5 – 40 °C and can function in humidity levels of 5 – 95%, ensuring versatility in different mining environments​​​.

Noise levels are rated at 75db, indicating that while it’s not the quietest miner on the market, it’s still manageable for various setups. The profitability of the BM-S1 Max varies with the market conditions, but with its high hash rate, it presents an opportunity for securing more coins and enhancing the security of the crypto network it mines on​​​.

For those interested in purchasing the BM-S1 Max, it’s available through various vendors, with prices and availability subject to change. Some vendors offer global shipping, warranties, and support services to ensure customer satisfaction. When considering this miner for your operations, it’s crucial to weigh the daily profitability against electricity costs in your area and to consider joining a mining pool like Luxor to optimize mining outcomes​.

This high-performance miner is recommended for those looking to mine SiaCoin more efficiently and is suitable for both novice and experienced miners looking to expand their cryptocurrency mining operations.

More ASIC in Blake2b

Device NameHashing powerPower UsageMining algorithmSupported CoinsCurrent earnings(without electricity cost)
SC6 SE17 TH/s3300WBlake2B-SiaSC Siacoin 44.84 USD/day
BM-S16.8 TH/s2350WBlake2B-SiaSC Siacoin 17.94 USD/day
SC-BOX0.9 TH/s200WBlake2B-SiaSC Siacoin 2.37 USD/day

More ASIC in iBeLink

Device NameHashing powerPower UsageMining algorithmSupported CoinsCurrent earnings(without electricity cost)
iBeLink BM-KS Max10.5 TH/s3400WKHeavyHashKAS Kaspa 120.25 USD/day
BM-S1 Max12 TH/s3150WBlake2B-SiaSC Siacoin 31.65 USD/day
BM-S16.8 TH/s2350WBlake2B-SiaSC Siacoin 17.94 USD/day
BM-K1 Max32 TH/s3200WBlake2SKDA Kadena 2.93 USD/day
BM-N16.6 TH/s2400WEaglesongCKB Nervos Network 2.36 USD/day
BM-K1+15 TH/s2250WBlake2SKDA Kadena 1.37 USD/day
DM56G0.056 TH/s2100WX11DASH Dash 1.07 USD/day
BM-K15.3 TH/s835WBlake2SKDA Kadena 0.48 USD/day
DM22G0.022 TH/s810WX11DASH Dash 0.42 USD/day

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