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There are people saying that Computta isn’t the best Bitcoin mining software.

And for some things they may be right.

However, it’s a Bitcoin mining software for Windows, with a GUI, so it deserves to be featured here.

Our main focus is to provide you with free, easy-to-setup miners with GUI, and Computta is definitely one of those, so I encourage you to test it out and see how it works for you.

Some of the main Computta features:

  • A GUI miner for Windows
  • 2-tier referral system
  • Payment via Bitcoin or Mobile Top Up
  • Mining the most profitable coin on auto
  • Works only on Windows x64
  • CPU and/or GPU mining
  • Mining always or only when idle
  • Mining intensity

BTC PRO motherboard, 4GB DDR4, 3 x 1060 GTX, Windows 10, no overclocking.

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Rebecca Collins says:

Computta was pretty popular in 2017, not sure if anyone is using it nowadays?