Zig D1 Review

The Dayun Zig D1 is an ASIC miner that specializes in mining cryptocurrencies using the X11 algorithm, notable for its power consumption of 2200W and a hash rate of 48Gh/s. Released in November 2018, the miner’s dimensions are 290 x 170 x 300mm, and it weighs 9850g, making it a sizable but manageable unit for both home and industrial mining operations. The noise level produced by the Zig D1 is relatively low at 55db, thanks to its two fans, making it suitable for environments where noise could be a concern​​​.

Efficiency is an essential factor when it comes to ASIC miners, and the Zig D1 operates with an efficiency rate of 0.046j/Mh. While not the highest efficiency in the market, its performance is balanced by its high hash rate, making it capable of mining a variety of X11 algorithm-based coins such as Dash, CannabisCoin, and MonetaryUnit, among others. Its broad coin compatibility and ASIC support allow for flexible mining operations that can be monitored remotely​​​.

The profitability of the Zig D1, like all mining hardware, is subject to fluctuation based on electricity costs and market conditions.

In conclusion, the Dayun Zig D1 is a robust option for miners looking to tap into X11 algorithm cryptocurrencies, offering a significant hash rate for efficient mining. However, potential buyers should carefully evaluate their electricity rates and the ongoing market conditions to ensure the miner’s profitability aligns with their mining strategy and operational budget.

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Device NameHashing powerPower UsageMining algorithmSupported CoinsCurrent earnings(without electricity cost)
Antminer D71.286 TH/s3148WX11DASH Dash 29.54 USD/day
SPx360.54 TH/s4400WX11DASH Dash 12.4 USD/day
STU-U60.44 TH/s2200WX11DASH Dash 10.11 USD/day
X7 Miner0.262 TH/s1420WX11DASH Dash 6.02 USD/day
Antminer D50.119 TH/s1566WX11DASH Dash 2.73 USD/day
A5+ DashMaster0.065 TH/s1500WX11DASH Dash 1.49 USD/day
DM56G0.056 TH/s2100WX11DASH Dash 1.29 USD/day
A5 DashMaster0.0325 TH/s750WX11DASH Dash 0.75 USD/day
DM22G0.022 TH/s810WX11DASH Dash 0.51 USD/day

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