Dogecoin Mining Calculator

A quick and accurate way to calculate your Dogecoin mining earnings.

Only hashing speed of your hardware is required, all other factors are optional.

Dogecoin Mining Data

Net Hashes Per Second: 913598266491647
Block Time: 64s
Block Reward: 10000 DOGE

*Mining stats updated every 60 minutes

Mining algorithm: Scrypt

Scrypt is a cryptocurrency mining algorithm that’s memory intense, aiming to prevent hardware attacks.

The most popular coins on Scrypt include Dogecoin and Litecoin.

Below, you will find various hardware that can mine cryptocurrencies secured with Scrypt.

Hardware (ASIC) to mine DogeCoin

Device photoDevice NameHashing powerPower UsageMining algorithmSupported CoinsCurrent earnings(without electricity cost)
Antminer L70.0095 TH/s3425WScryptDOGE LTC XVG Dogecoin 13.5 USD/day
LT60.00335 TH/s3200WScryptDOGE LTC XVG Dogecoin 4.76 USD/day
LT5 Pro0.00245 TH/s3100WScryptDOGE LTC XVG Dogecoin 3.48 USD/day
LT50.002049 TH/s2080WScryptDOGE LTC XVG Dogecoin 2.91 USD/day
LT Lite0.00162 TH/s1450WScryptDOGE LTC XVG Dogecoin 2.3 USD/day
A6+ LTCMaster0.0022 TH/s2100WScryptDOGE LTC XVG Dogecoin 3.13 USD/day
A6 LTCMaster0.00123 TH/s1500WScryptDOGE LTC XVG Dogecoin 1.75 USD/day
X6 Miner0.00086 TH/s1079WScryptDOGE LTC XVG Dogecoin 1.22 USD/day
Antminer L3++0.00058 TH/s942WScryptDOGE LTC XVG Dogecoin 0.82 USD/day
L210.00055 TH/s950WScryptDOGE LTC XVG Dogecoin 0.78 USD/day
Antminer L3+0.000504 TH/s800WScryptDOGE LTC XVG Dogecoin 0.72 USD/day
A4+ LTCMaster0.00062 TH/s750WScryptDOGE LTC XVG Dogecoin 0.88 USD/day
Mini-DOGE Pro0.000205 TH/s220WScryptDOGE LTC XVG Dogecoin 0.29 USD/day
A4 Dominator0.00028 TH/s1050WScryptDOGE LTC XVG Dogecoin 0.4 USD/day
Mini-DOGE0.000185 TH/s233WScryptDOGE LTC XVG Dogecoin 0.26 USD/day