Bitcoin Mining Computer

How to Setup a Bitcoin Mining Computer?

Hello and welcome to the second Bitcoin mining tutorial, where I am going to cover how to set up a Bitcoin mining computer.

Luckily for you, our method is to mine the crypto altcoins and then get paid in Bitcoin, so you don’t have to deal with specialized mining hardware(like ASIC), and can mine with your PC.

So, in the most basic scenario, you don’t really need to set up a mining PC.

Just turn on the PC that you already have, install one of the mining apps featured on our website, and you can start mining Bitcoin in minutes.

However, if you don’t have a PC, or want to build a separate one to use for Bitcoin mining only, here’s what you’re going to need:

What you need to build a Bitcoin Mining Computer

  1. Motherboard. Every PC needs a motherboard, and a mining machine is no exception. You want it cheap, and support as many GPUs as possible(so you can scale and upgrade in the future).
  2. CPU. This one should be cheap as well, as we are not going to mine with a CPU, but simply need it to serve the GPUs and the machine.
  3. RAM. Just pick a 4GB DDR4, or add some more if you’re going to use multiple heavy GPUs.
  4. Power supply. This one shouldn’t be cheap. You want a high-quality, stable power supply that makes it possible for your mining machine to work 24/7. You also want it strong- 1000W+, so you can attach multiple GPUs in the future.
  5. Graphics card(GPU). The stronger the better, but also the less power it consumes the better. The more you mine, the more power you need to pay for. And a GPU with low electricity usage is going to pay off in the long run.
  6. Hard drive. You can go here with a cheap and small one, my advice is to pick a small SSD that will bring additional stability to your mining PC.
  7. Peripherals. The mining rig DOES NOT need peripherals in order to work. If you already have a keyboard, mouse, and monitor at your home, you can simply borrow them while setting up your mining apps and then disconnect them, as your PC can mine without them.

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Bitcoin CPU Mining

For most people, mining with a CPU is not going to work, as most CPUs are very slow when it comes to mining, plus they are not scalable- motherboards are allowing you to attach as many as 20+ GPUs, while motherboards that support more than one CPU are a rarity.

Still, there are some newer CPUs that are performing very well at mining.

For example, the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X comes with 16 cores, 32 threads, and an amazing 32MB L3 cache.

Some tests are even showing this CPU performing twice better than GTX 1080 Ti at mining some cryptocurrencies like Monero.

If you are one of those lucky people that have a new generation CPU, you may as well try mining with it.

Here’s a list of some more popular mining CPUs.

Why Does Bitcoin Mining Use GPU

We already mentioned one very good reason- and that’s scalability.

Being able to attach multiple GPUs is a strong factor for any semi-serious mining operation.

But there’s more- even an average GPU is 10x better at mining than an average CPU.

And here’s why:

The CPU and GPU have different purposes and architectures.

The CPU consists of a small number of cores and is good at solving complex tasks as well as switching between them.

On other hand, the GPU consists of much more cores that are “dumber”, yet there are so many of them that they can join and do a lot of parallel work.

And it happens that for Bitcoin and many other altcoins, the GPU is just more suitable and more efficient at mining.