Jasminer ASIC Hardware

A list of ASIC crypto mining hardware from the Jasminer company.

Device photoDevice NameHashing powerPower UsageMining algorithmSupported CoinsCurrent earnings(without electricity cost)
X40.0025 TH/s1200WEtHashEXP ETC QKC Expanse 2.66 USD/day
Ethereum Classic 6.68 USD/day
QuarkChain 8.79 USD/day
X4-Q0.00104 TH/s480WEtHashEXP ETC QKC Expanse 1.11 USD/day
Ethereum Classic 2.78 USD/day
QuarkChain 3.66 USD/day
X4-1U0.00052 TH/s240WEtHashEXP ETC QKC Expanse 0.55 USD/day
Ethereum Classic 1.39 USD/day
QuarkChain 1.83 USD/day
X4-C 1U0.00045 TH/s240WEtHashEXP ETC QKC Expanse 0.48 USD/day
Ethereum Classic 1.2 USD/day
QuarkChain 1.58 USD/day