Blake256R14 ASIC Miner

Blake256R14 is also known as Blake256, and is a part of the Blake algorithms family. It is based on HAIFA construction, which is considered an improvement over SHA256. The algorithm can successfully be mined with ASIC hardware.

Below, you will find various hardware that can be used to mine cryptocurrencies that are secured with Blake256R14.

Device photoDevice NameHashing powerPower UsageMining algorithmSupported CoinsCurrent earnings(without electricity cost)
STU-U1++52 TH/s2200WBlake256R14DCR Decred 3.51 USD/day
Whatsminer D148 TH/s2200WBlake256R14DCR Decred 3.24 USD/day
Antminer DR535 TH/s1610WBlake256R14DCR Decred 2.36 USD/day
STU-U1+12.8 TH/s1850WBlake256R14DCR Decred 0.86 USD/day
STU-U111 TH/s1600WBlake256R14DCR Decred 0.74 USD/day
Antminer DR37.8 TH/s1410WBlake256R14DCR Decred 0.53 USD/day
Snow Panther D16 TH/s2100WBlake256R14DCR Decred 0.4 USD/day
DSM6T6 TH/s2100WBlake256R14DCR Decred 0.4 USD/day
DS193.1 TH/s980WBlake256R14DCR Decred 0.21 USD/day
D9+ DecredMaster2.8 TH/s1230WBlake256R14DCR Decred 0.19 USD/day
D9 DecredMaster2.4 TH/s1000WBlake256R14DCR Decred 0.16 USD/day
DragonMint B292.1 TH/s900WBlake256R14DCR Decred 0.14 USD/day
DCR11.2 TH/s500WBlake256R14DCR Decred 0.08 USD/day
Decred D180.34 TH/s180WBlake256R14DCR Decred 0.02 USD/day