Bitmain ASIC Miner

Bitmain Technologies, founded in 2013, is a renowned Chinese company that has significantly shaped the ASIC miner landscape in the cryptocurrency mining market. Recognized as a leading manufacturer of Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) miners, Bitmain has made a substantial impact in the field of cryptocurrency mining.

Bitmain’s prominence is largely due to its development of the Antminer series, which includes some of the most popular and efficient ASIC mining hardware available. These miners are specifically designed for various cryptocurrencies and are known for their high hash rates and energy efficiency. Notable models in the Antminer series include the S19 and S19 Pro, recognized for their advanced capabilities in mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The company’s dominance in the ASIC mining market is attributed to its continuous innovation and ability to produce high-quality, reliable, and efficient mining hardware. Bitmain’s commitment to staying ahead in technology has allowed it to maintain a significant market share. They invest heavily in research and development, ensuring their hardware remains at the forefront of the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency mining industry.

Moreover, Bitmain’s influence extends beyond just manufacturing ASIC miners. They provide a range of related services and have played a crucial role in the broader development of the cryptocurrency mining ecosystem. Their mining hardware is capable of mining different cryptocurrencies, allowing them to cater to diverse needs within the mining community.

In summary, Bitmain Technologies has established itself as a dominant force in the crypto mining market, with a significant impact on the industry’s landscape. Their ability to produce state-of-the-art mining hardware and adapt to the market’s changing needs has solidified their position as a key player in the field of cryptocurrency mining.

Device NameHashing powerPower UsageMining algorithmSupported CoinsCurrent earnings(without electricity cost)
Antminer KS3 (9.4Th)9.4 TH/s3500WKHeavyHashKAS Kaspa 108.23 USD/day
Antminer KS3 (8.3Th)8.3 TH/s3188WKHeavyHashKAS Kaspa 95.57 USD/day
Antminer S21 Hyd335 TH/s5360WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 34.59 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 32.07 USD/day
Antminer K763.5 TH/s3080WEaglesongCKB Nervos Network 31.72 USD/day
Antminer D71.286 TH/s3148WX11DASH Dash 19.77 USD/day
Antminer S19 XP Hyd.250 TH/s5200WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 25.82 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 23.94 USD/day
Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd.198 TH/s5445WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 20.45 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 18.96 USD/day
Antminer S19 Pro Hyd.177 TH/s5221WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 18.28 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 16.95 USD/day
Antminer KA3166 TH/s3154WBlake2SKDA Kadena 17.72 USD/day
Antminer S19 Hydro158 TH/s5451WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 16.32 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 15.13 USD/day
Antminer T19 Hydro145 TH/s5438WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 14.97 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 13.88 USD/day
Antminer S19 XP141 TH/s3031.5WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 14.56 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 13.5 USD/day
Antminer L70.0095 TH/s3425WScryptDOGE LTC Dogecoin 19.42 USD/day
Litecoin 2.59 USD/day
Antminer S19 Pro110 TH/s3250WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 11.36 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 10.53 USD/day
Antminer S19j Pro96 TH/s2832WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 9.91 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 9.19 USD/day
Antminer S1995 TH/s3250WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 9.81 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 9.1 USD/day
Antminer S19j90 TH/s3250WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 9.29 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 8.62 USD/day
Antminer T1984 TH/s3150WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 8.67 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 8.04 USD/day
Antminer E90.0024 TH/s1920WEtHashETC QKC Ethereum Classic 7.81 USD/day
QuarkChain 6.13 USD/day
Antminer S17+73 TH/s2920WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 7.54 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 6.99 USD/day
Antminer T17+64 TH/s3200WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 6.61 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 6.13 USD/day
Antminer S17e64 TH/s2880WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 6.61 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 6.13 USD/day
Antminer T17e53 TH/s2915WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 5.47 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 5.07 USD/day
Antminer S1753 TH/s2385WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 5.47 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 5.07 USD/day
Antminer S17 Pro50 TH/s1975WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 5.16 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 4.79 USD/day
Antminer Z150.00000042 TH/s1510WEquihashZEC KMD ZCash 4.93 USD/day
Komodo 3.34 USD/day
Antminer T1740 TH/s2200WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 4.13 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 3.83 USD/day
Antminer D50.119 TH/s1566WX11DASH Dash 1.83 USD/day
Antminer S1120.5 TH/s1530WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 2.12 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 1.96 USD/day
Antminer S9 Hydro18 TH/s1728WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 1.86 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 1.72 USD/day
Antminer S9 SE16 TH/s1280WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 1.65 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 1.53 USD/day
Antminer Z110.000000135 TH/s1418WEquihashZEC KMD ZCash 1.58 USD/day
Komodo 1.07 USD/day
Antminer S9j14.5 TH/s1350WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 1.5 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 1.39 USD/day
Antminer S9k13.5 TH/s1310WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 1.39 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 1.29 USD/day
Antminer S9i13 TH/s1280WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 1.34 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 1.24 USD/day
Antminer T911.5 TH/s1450WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 1.19 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 1.1 USD/day
Antminer S911.5 TH/s1127WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 1.19 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 1.1 USD/day
Antminer T9+10.5 TH/s1432WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 1.08 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 1.01 USD/day
Antminer R48.7 TH/s845WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 0.9 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 0.83 USD/day
Antminer L3++0.00058 TH/s942WScryptDOGE LTC Dogecoin 1.19 USD/day
Litecoin 0.16 USD/day
Antminer L3+0.000504 TH/s800WScryptDOGE LTC Dogecoin 1.03 USD/day
Litecoin 0.14 USD/day
Antminer K51.13 TH/s1580WEaglesongCKB Nervos Network 0.56 USD/day
Antminer Z90.000000042 TH/s970WEquihashZEC KMD ZCash 0.49 USD/day
Komodo 0.33 USD/day
Antminer S74.73 TH/s1293WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 0.49 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 0.45 USD/day
Antminer V94 TH/s1027WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 0.41 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 0.38 USD/day
Antminer S7-LN2.7 TH/s697WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 0.28 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 0.26 USD/day
Antminer S51.155 TH/s590WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 0.12 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 0.11 USD/day
Antminer Z9 Mini0.00000001 TH/s300WEquihashZEC KMD ZCash 0.12 USD/day
Komodo 0.08 USD/day
Antminer S30.478 TH/s366WSHA256BTC BCH Bitcoin 0.05 USD/day
Bitcoin Cash 0.05 USD/day
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