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Crypto Markets – How it’s going?

I didn’t post much over the last couple of months, mostly because there wasn’t much to write about. The Bitcoin price has settled around $10k, and there isn’t a single person in the world that knows if it will continue up or down from this point.

As always, I’m long-term bullish. Several months ago, the Bitcoin price has gone down to as much as $3,5k, and if you think about that we’re on solid grounds now.

Alts are a completely different story though, and weaker projects have already sunk to mere existence.

The BTC dominance is barely moving from the 65%-70% range, and this clearly tells us at least two things- BTC is here to stay, and it pretty much doesn’t have a competitor.

And even though the market looks like stagnating at the moment, I hardly believe it’s so.

If you’re into current news on Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining, here they are(you can also check, for the latest news within the industry):

Bakkt has finally launched

After 13 months of hard work and several delays, since 8 hours ago, you can buy and sell Bitcoin futures via Bakkt. As first of its kind, Bakkt will offer daily and monthly Bitcoin futures, essentially allowing the most secure Bitcoin investing since 2009.

Unlike the current crypto exchanges, Bakkt will allow us to buy and sell Bitcoin futures on the ICE Futures U.S commodities market, which is a strongly regulated market.

And while this may sound more complicated than good for smaller investors, it’s what big capital and investors alike. That’s why many expect Bakkt to bring Bitcoin to the mainstream and give us some adoption boost.

And if they happen to be right, then it will be good news for small investors as well- as it should stabilize the market and increase the crypto market cap.

Cudo Miner now has tiers

If you’re mining with Cudo Miner, which I feature on this website, there are some news for you. Since the last weekend, Cudo Miner now comes with several mining tiers which decide the mining fee taken by them.

In my opinion, this is a good move since it’s the first time that GUI mining fees got transparent. Besides that, it will also motivate the hardest workers to keep doing a good job.

So, what are the tiers?

They came up with several tiers, each one giving you a smaller fee as you progress:

Bronze 0 BTC 6.5%
Silver 0.005 BTC 5%
Gold 0.01 BTC 4%
Platinum 0.05 BTC 3%
Palladium 0.1 BTC 2.5%
Iridium 1 BTC 2%
Diamond 10 BTC 1.5%

Their fees for smaller players may look big, but even dev and pool fees aren’t usually less than 1-2%, and if you add hassle-free mining that Cudo Miner provides- I consider this to be a big deal.

After all, Cudo Miner is the only full-featured GUI miner that works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Kryptex has added additional payment options

If you read this blog from the beginning, or at least went through the mining part, you know that I prefer and use Kryptex. I’ve made most of my money with them, and they’re being rock solid for me for the last 2 years. Not a single problem, lots of positive experiences.

And even though I usually withdraw my mining earnings in Bitcoin, you may be happy to know that they now provide payments directly to Visa and MasterCard debit cards.

With payment options they already had, this makes them a GUI miner with the most(and probably best) payment options.

What to do next?

Whether you’re a miner or a trader/investor, you may wonder what to do during the market stagnation(or more precisely what’s appearing to be a stagnation).

In my personal opinion, this is what separates successful people from mediocre one- being persistent and able to work on your goals even if you’re unsure of your success.

The doubt is normal, and there’s always a risk that you should be aware of- but if you don’t risk at all and always wait on things to go well- you’ll be surpassed by those who worked hard at all times.

And even if you’re not an investor or miner at the moment, this is the right day to start learning and becoming one.


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