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Bitcoin Rich List

Bitcoin has become the most powerful cryptocurrency in the world. Every day, investors take action in the cryptocurrency market, trying to reach a desirable amount of it. It’s much harder now than have ever been before, to earn and invest in Bitcoin.

At the moment of writing, one Bitcoin is $7,148 worth. Predictors say that, in 2020, it’s expected to reach $10,000.

It’s not a hidden truth that you can get rich if you invest in Bitcoin. But the best time was back in 2009-2010 when Bitcoin wasn’t so famous to every one of us. Back then, if you owned a Bitcoin, you could buy a slice of pizza. Can you believe that a slice of pizza is now $7,148? You could be a true millionaire.

Because we’ve missed our chances, others took our places.

Gavin Andersen

Gavin Andersen stood by the evolution of Bitcoin through this year and made it what it is today. Even if he’s not a founder of this cryptocurrency, he sure is Satoshi Nakamoto’s successor since 2010.

He claims that, at some point, the Bitcoin blockchain and everything that’s within, will no longer need a human to take care of it.

Yifu Guo

Yifu Guo is the founder of a mining application that has been developing since 2012, no longer after Bitcoin reached $1000 worth.

Even if he left Avalon(the mining app name) after a year, he is the first one who becomes a millionaire for selling miners. And once you are a Bitcoin millionaire, you will always remain a Bitcoin millionaire.

Of course, if Bitcoin technology is breaking down and will no longer live on this planet, everything you earned will be lost.

The Winklevoss Twins

They are known for their famous fight with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have launched numerous business ventures and their investment in Bitcoin alone has earned them $11 million. And if we put them together, you can expect to see a $400 million net worth from Bitcoin.

Because they were right on track, they took the chance to invest in any Bitcoin-related ventures that past the years.

Tony Gallippi

Tony Gallippi was one of the first people to found a Bitcoin payment processor, called BitPay. It’s the first app processor that opened many windows for investors, retailers, and so on.

Jered Kenna

He made a smart move when he bought a lot of coins, back when Bitcoin was 20 cents. The investment was paid off after several years, and now he leads many business ventures.

Jered Kenna was also the first one who created the dark mining pool, something like the faucets nowadays.

Dave Carlson

Dave Carlson is another human being who took a chance from the mining pool. He invested all the money he had when Bitcoin made its first step through the market.

In 2016, he reported that he can make over $8 million per month from the comfort of his house. And what a big house he can have with that money.

Charlie Shrem

As well as Jered Kenna and Dace Carlson, Charlie Shrem invested all his money when Bitcoin was trading cheaply on the market. With the money he earned, he founded BitInstant. Unfortunately for him, he was accused of laundering money from the infamous dark web black market.

From 2014 to 2016, he stood in prison. After his release, Shrem got right back to business and launched Intellisys Capital.

Roger Ver

Roger Ver is considered the speaker, the voice of Bitcoin. In the marketplace, he is best known as the ‘ Bitcoin Jesus ‘.

Roger Ver is the first Bitcoin startup investor. And even now he spreads the joy of Bitcoin by donating some of the money to charity or investing in anything is related to this cryptocurrency.

Ross Ulbricht

Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison for being in the ‘ behind the scene ‘ of the dark web black market – The Silk Road. Even before Bitcoin was worth $1000, he was a Bitcoin millionaire several times over.

When the FBI shut down the Silk Road, they seized over 144,000 Bitcoins then being held as escrow.

Satoshi Nakamoto(the pseudonym of the Bitcoin creator)

Nobody knows who’s behind the Bitcoin idea. Many hackers tried to track his e-mailing correspondence to find out his real name.

The only thing that is sure about him is that he holds 1.1 million Bitcoins – worth over 1.1 billion today.

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