Bitcoin Mining Earnings Up 30%

The market is live again!

After a serious market cap drop that started during November and spiked at the beginning of December, we finally have the green prices all over the market.

After the market cap going to as low as 100 billion, it recovered pretty well over this weekend, and right now it stands at around 143 billion, which is around a 43% gain.

While this is great news for crypto investors, the same goes for crypto miners.

The mining earnings are pretty much following the market cap increase- the mining earnings of all software that we are featuring is up around 30%. This means that our screenshot earnings are not reflecting the earnings accurately at the moment. If you are considering some of the bitcoin mining software, like Kryptex or HoneyMiner, keep in mind that actual earnings with our hardware are 30% more than in those screenshots.

We will definitely update those screenshots soon, but we are waiting for the market to stabilize again, as right now it looks like prices are still going up :)

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