Bitcoin Mining Companies – The Biggest Players in The Game

Bitcoin mining companies are basically multi-million dollar farms for mining, and they demand a lot of energy to function adequately. This text is aimed at presenting some of the most prominent key players around the world.

Though Bitcoin was structured to bring in the decentralized economy, its mining aspect has continued to see massive centralization as a result of the development of lots of mega-mining organizations.

What are Bitcoin mining companies doing?

Mining is rated as one of the major principles of the decentralized economy of the crypto sphere. Digital currencies like Bitcoin depend on mining operations to validate transactions as well as approve their entries on the Blockchain.

Virtual currency miners are given incentives for rounding up the PoW; Proof of Work algorithm and also adding the next available block to the blockchain.

The reward given varies as it relies on the total power or probably hash rate of the Blockchain that is being utilized.

Digital currency mining is no longer controlled by personal rigs and few software developers. Furthermore, the mining industry has gone through tremendous growth and changes over the previous year according to the surge in the worth of digital coins.

The value of digital currencies has actually seen a really sharp growth, as well as the amount of processing power being put towards mining. The mining industry is crucially competitive.

To be a key player in the Cryptocurrency mining field, one would need to have intensely deep pockets, as you will be battling against big-time software giants as well as the government.

Bitcoin mining companies you should know

Bitmain Ordos, Mongolia

In the deep countryside of Mongolia resides giant Bitcoin mines. This mine is referred to as Bitmain SanShangLiang industrial park mining complex. It is the biggest mining facility on the globe.

This massive mining operation comprises 25 thousand machines that actively process roughly $250k worth of Bitcoin every day.

To run this operation is not cheap at least not with its electrical fees that currently exceed that of a little town at about $39000 every day. It is hard to believe the mining facility is extremely big in that it employs about fifty around-the-clock staff.

The staff is hired to monitor the rigs and make sure every single thing is functioning well.

Giga Watt, Washington

Giga Watt is based in the state of Washington. The mining facility is rated among the biggest in northern America. It is a super mine that exerts a 30MW hash rate and incorporates about 1700 GPUs.

It was founded by Dave Carlson; a former Microsoft software engineer who actually got into mining for the first time in the year 2010. This was practically a year after Satoshi launched his highly prominent Bitcoin white paper.

Giga Watt facility actively remains competitive in the Chinese-dominated market space via the utilization of hydropower that is inexpensive yet available in Washington.

The facility is about expanding and has a goal of actively dominating the mining market of North America.

Hut 8 Mining Corp/Bitfury- Vancouver, Canada

Basically, Hut 8 teamed up with Bitfury to build one of the biggest mining facilities ever to be found in North America. Nonetheless, this mining operation comprises 22 data centers that generate 24 MW of hashing power.

It looks to public funding through the Canadian stock exchange to broaden its operations to newer heights. The project is basically in phase one because phase two is strategized to up the mining operation power to 38.5MW of power.

It has been rumored that Bitfury is tasked heavily with the building of every one of the new facilities demanded the broadening of the mega-mine.

Immediately it is finished, the mine will be the most significant Bitcoin mining operation situated in North America.

Bitfury Mines, Georgia

Since Bitfury is rated among the leading total service Blockchain innovation companies around the globe, it should not come as a shock that its mining operation is of equivalent vitality to the market.

It is situated in Georgia and makes use of the naturally cold weather to decrease its cost of operation and keeps the mining rig functioning cool. Georgia has a government that is highly pleased to have a facility like Bitfury in its community.

The government of Georgia has done all within its power to aid Bitfury in expanding its operations. Bitfury has also reciprocated as they have started a property ownership Blockchain for the government.

Close cooperation like this will practically aid in enhancing the state of the Cryptocurrency market in the near future.

Bcause LLC- Virginia Beach, Virginia

Bcause is a $65 million facility that made its debut in January of the year 2018. Virginia Beach is not publicly considered to be a hotbed for digital currencies, however, with a slash in taxes for data centers by the local government; they had the ideal reason for mining facilities to refer to this community as a home.

Bcause LLC was awarded a $500000 grant by Virginia Beach to broaden its operations more. This will enable firms to join an additional hundred staff to the mine.

When totally finished, the facility will practically cover an awesome 84000 square feet of space. It will be placed among the biggest on the continent.

Genesis Mining Enigma, Iceland

Genesis mining facility was established in the year 2013 when it actually made top headlines as one of the mining facilities created strictly for Ethereum mining. Currently, the mining facility mines some coins like Dash, Monero, and Zcash.

GME is powered exclusively via geothermal energy and considered to be the biggest Ethereum mining platform all over the globe. According to company executives, they believe that Ethereum will have considerable gains in the future.

Bottom Line on Bitcoin Mining Companies

As a result of the private nature of miners and the crucial worth of digital currency mining tools, it is hard to tell if one resides close to a bit Bitcoin mining facility. As the value of virtual currencies continues to surge, users can expect to view more of these massive mining facilities launched in the coming future.

Bitcoin Mining Companies – The Biggest Players in The Game

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