best bitcoin mining software

Best Bitcoin Mining Software

Update: this and this are the current most up-to-date articles on the best Bitcoin mining software for 2021.

So you decided to start mining and got your mining hardware, what’s next? As you might have guessed, the last step is finding the best Bitcoin mining software and installing it on your PC.

Luckily for you, the Bitcoin mining software is what this website is mostly about. We are focused on featuring the top mining software, which is also easy to use and comes with some nice features- like a graphical user interface, auto switch to most profitable coin, easy of use, etc.

What is Bitcoin Mining Software?

Bitcoin mining software is software that mines the most profitable cryptocurrency at the moment, and since we are renting our equipment– we get paid in Bitcoin.

For our purpose and method, that’s actually everything you need to know. So, you pick the best mining software for you and install it on your PC, configure its settings and start mining.

On this website, we did our best at finding a solution for you, regardless of your operating system. If your PC is running a Windows, Linux, or Mac, we’ve got you covered!

Which one is best for you?

Since we feature only the best of the best mining software, it’s possible for all of them to mine with both AMD and/or Nvidia graphic cards, as well as with most CPUs out there.

So if you install any of the software featured on this website you won’t make a mistake, however, I encourage you to test and maybe even install all of them before deciding for yourself.

If it helps, I’ve listed all the mining software according to my preference, so if you for example check the Windows mining software category, you will see that I like Kryptex the most, followed by Cudo Miner and BetterHash as my top alternatives.

I have my reasons for that- like being a long-term satisfied user of Kryptex and loving the HM and BH for their beautiful GUI and ease of use.

You may have your reasons, but even if you don’t- I encourage you to test as many Bitcoin mining software as possible, since the profitability may differ a lot based on your hardware.

Best Bitcoin Mining Software