best bitcoin mining hardware

Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware

In our previous Bitcoin mining tutorial, we talked about how to set up a mining computer. Here we continue, giving you some advice on the best Bitcoin mining hardware that you can get for your mining PC.

Top Motherboards for Mining

When it comes to motherboards, you’re looking for ones that are durable and have as many GPU slots(PCIe) as possible. The more GPU slots there are, the less often you’ll need to buy a new motherboard, and everything else that’s needed for a PC to run(fewer CPUs, hard drives, RAM sticks, and power supplies).

Here are the ones that you may want to check, specifically chosen based on the desired specs above:

  • Gigabyte GA-H110-D3A(a solid motherboard that comes with 6 GPU slots and is more than enough for a mining beginner, with a price of <$50.
  • ASRock H110 Pro BTC+(another cheap beast with 13 GPU slots and a used price of $50-$60).
  • Asus B250 Mining Expert(comes with 19 GPU slots and is cheap- can be found on Amazon for $70-$100).
  • Biostar TB250-BTC Pro(comes with great build and the support for 12 GPUs, can be found for $100-$130).
  • MSI Z170A Gaming Pro(a great quality motherboard with 7 GPU slots and a solid price of around $200, I like this motherboard for its awesome build as well being a gaming one, meaning you can probably sell it easier if you ever decide to).

Top CPUs for Bitcoin Mining

As we already discussed, most CPUs are simply not efficient at crypto mining nowadays. Still, some CPUs of the newer generation can mine profitably, so we are going to list some of them here:

  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X– a real beast within CPUs that comes with 16 cores and 32 threads, a base clock of 3.4GHz, and an amazing 32MB L3 cache. Many benchmarks show this CPU as twice better than the GTX 1080 Ti GPU while mining some CPU-friendly algorithms, which is just outstanding! Still, the main downturn is a price of $700+, but if you already have it for some reason, or just because it’s still cheaper than the concurrent GPUs, you may want to try it.
  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X– this one comes with 80-90% performance of 1950x but has a price of $400+, so if you’re into high-performing processors, this might be the best buy for the buck.
  • AMD Ryzen 7 1800X– another beast in the mining arena, 8 cores, 16 threads, 3.6GHz base clock, and 16MB L3 cache. For a price of ~$300, this is a solid buy.
  • AMD Ryzen 5 1600X– this one comes with 6 cores and 12 threads, but also a base clock of 3.6GHz and 16MB L3 cache. Since the price is $160-$170, this may be an optimal solution.
  • INTEL Pentium G4400 – a weak child among the monsters above. Still, even though it comes with just 2 cores and 2 threads, it is sufficient for a Bitcoin mining machine if you’re not going to use a CPU for mining(and just use it to serve the machine and the GPUs). With a price of $50-$60, this is the cheapest(yet more than okay) beginner solution.

Top Graphics Cards for Bitcoin Mining

When choosing the best GPU for your mining operations, things to consider are price, strength, and power consumption. Here are my top 5 graphic cards for Bitcoin mining(click here for an updated list in August 2002):

  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 – Probably the best buy GPU, with the current cost of around $300. This card comes with 8GB DDR5 and power consumption of around 150W, performing hashes that pay off more than just electricity.
  • AMD Radeon RX580 – Would be the best buy GPU, if it wasn’t so hard to find. Also with 8GB DDR5 memory, it consumes slightly more watts than GTX 1070 but it’s cheaper – can be found for less than $250.
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060- the ones I use in my mining rig. 6GB DDR5, funny power consumption(120W), and a price of $180 – $250 with solid availability.
  • AMD Radeon RX Vega– 8GB HBM2 beast with a price of $350-$600 and higher power consumption(200-300W).
  • Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti- a king of GPU mining, with an insane price of $800-$1500. Actually, everything about it is insane- power consumption of 250W, 11GB GDDR5X, and a memory clock of 11GHz. It comes with amazing performance, but can hardly be labeled the best buy because of its price and power consumption.

Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware