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The Bitcoin Founder Wasn’t Meant to be Found.


Bitcoin has become during the last few years the most known cryptocurrency around the globe. It is a decentralized digital currency, which means there’s not a central bank or an administrator, making it a one-of-a-kind currency that does not need intermediaries. Once success started to become massive, the question about who created this coin started to arise.

Satoshi Nakamoto

The developer or developers of this currency created it under the pseudonymous of Satoshi Nakamoto, who authored the bitcoin white paper and created the original reference implementation. One part of this implementation was the one where Satoshi created the first blockchain database. Under the pseudonymous, it was also solved the double-spending issue for cryptocurrency using a peer-to-peer network. This bitcoin founder took action in the development of the currency until December of the year 2010. As for today, different persons have identified themselves or others to be ”Satoshi Nakamoto”, but no one has been able to prove it.

Development of the cryptocurrency

More than a decade ago in October of 2008, a paper was published on the web page list at explaining bitcoin as a digital currency. This paper was created by the same pseudonymous of Nakamoto, Satoshi and it was titled ”Bitcoin: A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System”. The next year Satoshi put out the first bitcoin software, this software launched the first bitcoins and the needed network. Version 0.1 of the bitcoin software on Sourceforge was released on the 9 of January of 2009. Before ending his collaboration around mid-2010 with other developers of the bitcoin software Satoshi developed a web page with the name of It was around that date when he handed the control points from the currency to Gavin Andresen.

Nakamoto’s coins haven’t been used since January of 2009, which means that during the cryptocurrency peak in December of 2017, these were valued at over 19 billion US dollars, making him one of the richest persons in the world.

Special traits and identity of the bitcoin founder

There’s no evidence of any personal information being disclosed when speaking about technical matters. As of 2012, on his Peer to Peer Foundation profile, Satoshi stated he was a 37-year-old male that was living in Japan, but that was regarded as unlikely since his perfect use of the English language and how his bitcoin software was never documented or labeled in Japanese.

After the fact that he was from Japan was almost disregarded, some started to argue that he might come from a Commonwealth origin. That was stated because he used some phrases such as ”bloody hard” in different steps during the creation of the cryptocurrency. Not only that, the first block that only could be mined by Nakamoto contained an encoded text which implied that he read London’s The Times at the early developing stages of the cryptocurrency.

Speculated identities

Hal Finney

Hal Finney was a pioneer on cryptography before the birth of bitcoin, and the only person apart from Satoshi to be able to use correctly the software, make improvements, and file bug reports. He was also a neighbor of a person that was named Dorian Nakamoto according to Andy Greenberg, a Forbes journalist. After studying Hal Finney, Greenberg stated that he had the closest writing resemblance to Satoshi Nakamoto that they had ever found.

Dorian Nakamoto

On the 6th of March of 2014 in an article published in the magazine Newsweek, Dorian ”Prentice Satoshi” Nakamoto was identified as a Japanese and American man which had a residence in California and whose birth name was Satoshi Nakamoto. After a big wave of media interest around his identity, Dorian Nakamoto was discarded as being the true creator of bitcoin.

Craig Wright

In 2019 Craig Wright registered the United Stated copyright for the code of Bitcoin 0.1 and the white paper. The copyright office stated that he was not the creator of neither of them.


The mystery surrounding everything that has to do with Bitcoin can’t be a coincidence. There must be a reason why whoever created this cryptocurrency wanted to maintain his identity away from the spotlight. Whatever that reason might be, it’s fair to argue that it was never about the creator, but instead, it was about the creation.

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