Best Cryptocurrency Apps For IOS & Android

Best Cryptocurrency Apps For IOS & Android in 2021

What’s the best app to buy and sell cryptos? How to trade fast and easy at low rates from anywhere in the world? Should you choose a user-friendly platform or a technical one?

And once you’ve made returns, how can you guarantee maximum security for your investment?

You’re in luck. Such programs do exist. In fact, your problem won’t be finding those features, but knowing what app to choose among the hundreds of crypto apps out there.

In this quick guide, we’ll show what your best options are for storing, trading, and tracking altcoins.

What CryptoCurrency App Will Be The One?

You know the saying: “Whatever is measured, improves.” It could be better explained, especially knowing how volatile the crypto market is.

The world moves fast. If you don’t have the most complete, accurate software, it’s easy to fall behind and miss the opportunity. After all, what matters isn’t the amount you invest, but what do you know about Bitcoin. These apps will help you make the right trading decisions.

What features are a must-have for crypto apps?

  • Fast & Accurate. What’s the point of crypto news if you can’t adapt to the changes? For high-frequency trading, precise data gets you the best price to buy. Prices can vary while you wait for the exchange, so the faster you can send money, the better.
  • Affordable & Accessible. Those dozens of transfers can quickly add up to your costs. We want an app to trade at a low cost and offer multiple methods to buy crypto.
  • Technical & User-Friendly. Having more data helps make better investments. But you neither want to be overwhelmed with information. User-friendly interfaces simplify the task, so it only takes you a few minutes a day to manage your finances.

You’ll find the best IOS & Android apps for four categories, wallets, exchanges, trackers, and news. Since having too many tools can be a mess, our fifth category shows the best all-in-one tools: with one click, and you have access to all the features.

Best Apps For Crypto Exchanges

The charts go up as more people adopt crypto as a payment method. More investors join the market if they can buy Bitcoin fast anywhere in the world. That’s what exchanges do.

  • Multiple payment methods: brokerage sites, Bitcoin ATMs, peer-to-peer trades.
  • Diversify your portfolio with Bitcoin alternatives.
  • Buy, sell, and convert fast at a low cost.

Anybody with basic knowledge about exchanges will have heard of Binance, Kraken, Poloniex, or Coinbase. For this feature, Binance offers the best:

  • Trade Bitcoin for low fees + hundreds of altcoins
  • Reduce fees with referral links and Binance tokens
  • High security, active customer support
  • Trading in Binance is easy. You can buy almost instantly with a credit card.

The downside? It’s not as easy to use as Coinbase, for example. But if you have the time and motivation to master the platform, you can visit the Binance Academy to learn the basics.

In 2020, you can’t buy on Binance with P2P methods yet. If you’d like to buy via Paypal, try Etoro, a top-rated exchange.

Best Apps To Get Crypto Wallets

You can only get so far trading crypto. What’s the point of investing if you can’t save what you earn?

A good wallet is easy to access, offers low transaction fees, and maximum security. Some apps like Mycelium include trackers and news, but you can only use them on mobile. Others have fewer features but offer unbeatable security.

For integrated mobile wallets, try Coinomi or Mycelium. You’ll complete a security test to protect and recover your wallet if you lose your phone or replace it.

Now, mobile wallets aren’t as reliable as hardware or paper wallets. If you want high-tier protection, it’s worth considering these tools:

Try desktop/device-only wallets such as Electrum or Exodus.

3rd parties won’t store your private keys, and you can only access the wallet using this one device.

Let’s say you have an old second phone you rarely use. You never connect to the Internet and only use it for crypto wallets like Electrum. That makes it a “cold-wallet,” 99% secure.

But be very cautious with backups. If you didn’t write down the private keys, losing/breaking the device will make you lose a wallet.

For hardware wallets, choose Ledger Nano X.

Hardware keys offer all the pros of mobile and paper wallets and none of their cons. The Ledger Nano X device stores large amounts of crypto you don’t use in day-to-day trades.

You have to buy the device from the shop and install their app. The result? An ironclad device that’s as easy to use as your real-money wallet.

One last wallet worth looking into is Wirex App. It’s the first platform that allows us to save both cryptos and fiat currency, convert in no time, and pay with ease. With the Wirex card, you convert BTC to your fiat currency in seconds and buy anywhere as a Visa card.

Best Apps To Track Crypto

Despite being the most stable coin, Bitcoin prices still change too quickly to understand the patterns, as much as 20% per day.

Like any investor, you want to buy low and sell high. But that’s easier said than done; a good tracker analyzes the past, so we can understand the future.

Not only do we need a real-time measurer, but also a tool to show how much prices have changed in the last X months. The longer you study, the more accurate you can predict. For complete reporting, you’ll love CoinTracking.Info and Blockfolio.

Now, don’t be intimidated. Most people think tracking market prices is technical and complex, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a look at Gem, a stylish tracker to make cryptocurrency fun and simple.

Best Apps For Crypto News

As Bitcoin becomes more popular, crypto enthusiasts invent new tools to manage, study, and profit from the crypto markets. Sticking to credible news sources will give you an edge and make you arrive first at the market trends.

Unlike other apps, you can’t talk about one best app for news. Relying on a single platform can be misleading; if you have multiple, however, you can see what stories repeat and different versions.

The mainstream platforms include BTC News, TradingView, and Crypto Crunch. Active traders will find their information priceless.

Before downloading these apps, set the right mindset: Bitcoin can change dramatically in the short term, and no claims are set in stone. Look for those stories that affect the long-term value of the coin (technologies, for example), which is how you’ll make the most money.

All-In-One Apps: The G.O.A.T.

As you’ve seen, information is everywhere. The only problem most people have is prioritization. They have five different types of wallets, three trackers, ten crypto-exchange accounts, and a dozen news platforms. Where do you even start!?

Managing so many tools would be overwhelming, take three hours a day, and the data will likely still be wrong. Keep it simple: choose the full pack.

Do you really need all those sources? Unless you’re a day trader, most people will do well with one or two apps like Binance, Coinbase, or Bitstamp. You won’t have as many features, but at least you’ll move fast, which is what matters in the crypto market.

In Coinbase, you can buy fast and easily with a bank account, wire transfer, or card. You get a mobile wallet to manage the mainstream stable coins, along with a news page and a real-time tracker.

But like any app, Coinbase has its limitations. Here are some Coinbase alternatives you can try:

Voyager: This software includes chart analysis, tracking, crypto news, and commission-free transfers. Investors won’t spend on services fees, whether they move tiny or large sums.

Coinmama: Like Coinbase, Coinmama only supports the main crypto coins. You can buy with a credit card paying fewer fees from over 190 countries. Feature-wise, it suits both beginners and experts.

Kraken: A platform supported worldwide with low transaction fees and limitations. Not recommended for first-time crypto investors.

CEX.IO: User-friendly dashboards, safe storage, fair transaction rates.

Wrapping Up: What Cryptocurrency Apps Will You Choose?

For every function, we’ve recommended one app along with two three competitive variations. The most popular platforms support any device, but there are other honorable mentions for IOS:  BRD Wallet, Copay, and AirBitz.

Now, what’s the right app for you?

As an experienced, serious investor, you may want to have the most features and accurate sources. The list we’ve shared here will fit your strategy.

But what about new investors? Although it’s tempting to get the most functions, there’s no point in getting apps you won’t use. Choose a platform you can understand. All-in-one apps are your best bet in our opinion.

Lastly, don’t take our list as a rigid statement. There’s not a single way to do things; choosing your crypto platforms isn’t a make-or-break factor in investing. The conclusion? Experiment with different apps and choose the one you can understand and relate to.

Warren Buffet said:

“Never invest in something you cannot understand.”

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