A reminder for crypto investor – Chiliz is just starting

I don’t get it.

The cryptocurrency market is in great expansion.

And sports like football and NBA are doing great business.

The Chiliz has made a mix of two, and even Binance is entering the fan token arena.

Yet people seem unaware that Chiliz is one of the best investments in the last 10 years.

We already saw the Chiliz growth from $0.02 to ~$0.92 in 2021.

And right now it is trading at ~$0.22.

I was lying in my bed when this email arrived:

and it makes me so happy.

The UEFA signed a contract with Chiliz and Socios, meaning that UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League tickets will be served as rewards and will be up for sale to fan token holders of participants in these 3 leagues.

It also means that Socios will be advertised with these 3 leagues(at least that’s what we see with NBA, even though no fan tokens of NBA clubs have been released yet!).

You know I love Chiliz

And I wrote a nice article on CHZ some time ago.

In fact, that article was updated regularly for a while.

Until I gave up in August 2021 as there were too many updates :)

In the meantime, dozen more partnerships have been made with Socios and Chiliz, and this train is just clickety-clacking and going stronger and stronger.

This news on the partnership with UEFA put a strong relief on my thinking of my portfolio and reminds me why I hold and stake more than half of my crypto portfolio in CHZ.

It’s because it will be worth it.

Want more? Take a look at my update on ICP here.

Some more on Chiliz you can find here, and for Internet Computer, you can find more here.

Do you want to mine Chiliz? It’s possible as well

Hopefully, the ICP coin will be available for mining on unMineable soon :)

Take care!

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